Worthing Half Marathon


Worthing half

As I’m from Worthing I was keen to do this race, I had to cancel last year due to work commitments (there were no issues in deferring). The race is in its 3rd year and everything was really well run with ample toilets, large HQ and easy parking. The course is multiple but different laps along the seafront and is easily the flattest course I have raced (if the wind had turned itself off it would be an excellent PB course).

I was not feeling the best coming into this race after contracting a nasty hangover from an embarrassingly small volume of beer on Thursday night (anyone else find marathon training turns you into a massive lightweight?), I was still feeling rubbish on Saturday (possibly it wasn’t just a hangover). Given this preparation I decided that I would set off at PB pace (not racing doesn’t really compute), which lasted until 5 miles. Unfortunately at 6 miles the course then turns onto the seafront for 3 miles straight into a headwind, I had to admit defeat and changed the plan to just get in under 1:30 (1:29:44, 8 mins off PB).

Whilst I didn’t have a great day (I will take Spring hill over 3 miles into the wind!), it really was an excellent race. I think I might stay off the beer though before my pacing duties next weekend though!

Ladies winner was George Schwiening in 1:19:45 and Men’s was Paul Martelletti in 1:09:36 (wind didn’t seem to affect them).

Mike King