Vigo 10 mile-ish run

Club Events

I was talked into doing this event by a friend and thought why not?

We arrived 45 mins early and parked in a nearby Lane – a good call as apparently the car park turned into a bog.
Run HQ was in Vigo Rugby Club and was a shambles, apparently due to technical difficulties.
But in true rugby club tradition the bar was open.

The race started about 45 mins late and the first mile-ish was very narrow and very muddy, the rest was pretty scenic, hilly and muddy until the last mile when you’re faced with the hill from hell. Anyway, surprised that no other harriers were there as it’s very similar to Eridge 10, but probably tougher as I took 10mins longer to do it.

1st Ben Cockburnspath 1,14,52 Blackheath and Bromley
1st Sarah Cronin 1,31,47 Dartford road runners.
I finished 115th out of 179 in a time of 2:03:25