Each year, the club recognises the achievements of a number of members by awarding a range of trophies and medals. These are announced and presented at the annual club dinner.

The Cornell Medal — for services to the club

The Cornell Medal is the Club’s most prestigious award, and is given for outstanding services to the Club. The medal – designed by Club member and sculptor David Cornell – depicts a group of runners passing Wellington Rocks, and was first awarded in 1986. The annual recipient is decided by a small group of past winners

2022 David French
2021 Matt Clark
2020 Matt Clements
2019 Mark Taylor
2018 Mike Jarvis
2017 Casper Morris
2015 Edward Steele
2014 Craig Chapman
2013 Andy Howey
2012 Mark Taylor and Rosie Harris
2011 Allan Collard
2010 Pete Burns, Derek Harrison and Mel Taylor
2009 Allan Cheek
2008 Lucille Joannes
2007 Sarah Russell and Peter Tullett
2006 Ed Bates and Geoff Turner
2005 Mike Jarvis and Lindsay Turner
2004 Dave Hadaway and Jonathan Rickards
2003 Paul Roome
2002 Peter Taylor
2001 Andy Howey
2000 Allan Cheek

The Cath Hulme Trophy — for athletic excellence

This trophy – a pewter cup – was created in memory of Club member Cath Hulme who was tragically killed in a car accident in Swaziland. The cup is awarded annually for athletics excellence, with Club members voting for the recipient prior to the Annual Prize Presentation. The trophy was first awarded in 1995.

Year Male Female
2022 Liam White Ali Farrall
2021 not awarded not awarded
2020 not awarded not awarded
2019 Billy Hobbs Hayley Larkin
2018 Billy Hobbs Harriet Woolley
2017 Billy Hobbs Harriet Woolley
2016 Sam Begg Nicola Morris
2015 Guy Jenner Carol Tsang
2014 David Barker Stella Richardson
2013 not awarded not awarded
2012 Craig Chapman Alice Heather-Hayes
2011 Des O’Donnell Alice Heather-Hayes
2010 Nick Leech Tara Taylor
2009 Nick Leech Jo Clift
2008 Terry Everest Tara Taylor
2007 Andy Howey Tara Taylor
2006 Andy Howey Tara Taylor
2005   Lindsay Turner
2004   Carole Dyke
2003   Tracy Driver
2002 Mike Jarvis  
2001 Alistair Watson  
2000   Ruth Branson
1999   Ann Taylor
1998   Ruth Branson
1997 Alistair Watson  
1996 Mark Taylor  
1995   Rebecca Goodwin

The Bob Whyte Trophy — for athletic achievement

Bob Whyte was the founding Chairman of Tunbridge Wells Runners, and the trophy to recognise his early contributions to the Club – a silver cup – is awarded annually for athletic achievement. As with the Cath Hulme trophy, the recipient is decided by votes cast by the Club members.

2022 Adam Dennis
2021 not awarded
2020 not awarded
2019 Ana-Maria Green
2018 Craig Chapman
2017 Hayley Larkin
2016 Ana-Maria Green
2015 Nicola Morris
2014 Nicola Morris
2012 Nicola Morris & Jane Roome
2011 Stella Richardson
2010 Amanda Paver
2009 Mike Russell
2008 Jacky Morton
2007 George Harris
2006 Steve Barker
2005 Derek Harrison
2004 Dave Hadaway
2003 Duncan Collins
2002 Lindsay Turner
2001 Juliette Parkin
2000 Adam Styles
1999 Lyn Fuller
1998 Lindsay Turner
1997 Lindsay Turner
1996 John Fuller
1995 Carole Dyke
1994 Julia McNulty
1993 Jim Simmons
1992 Sue Radford

The Mike Thurgood Salver — for Club Runner of the Year

Australian Mike Thurgood donated this silver salver to the Club as a parting gift on his return ‘Down Under’ to recognise the Club Runner of the Year. The recipient is decided by a system of points awarded for all races throughout the year. The trophy was first awarded in 1997.

2022 Rose Sawyer
2021 not awarded
2020 not awarded
2019 Carol Tsang
2018 Andy Howey
2017 Mike King
2016 Tom Woolley
2015 not awarded
2014 Mark Taylor
2013 not awarded
2012 not awarded
2011 Mike Russell
2010 Derek Harrison
2009 Mike Russell
2008 Terry Everest
2007 Derek Harrison
2006 Derek Harrison
2005 John Johnson
2004 Dave Hadaway
2003 Lindsay Turner
2002 Dave Hadaway
2001 Lindsay Turner
2000 Mark Taylor

The Steve Barnfield Trophy – for Most Improved Club Runner of the Year

This trophy, a small glass plaque which is retained by the recipient, is named in memory of Club member Steve Barnfield who lost his life to cancer in 2019. It is awarded to the Harrier who, in the opinion of fellow members, has shown the most improvement in their performance over the previous calendar year. 

2022 Joy Croucher
2021 not awarded
2020 not awarded
2019 Alex Blackall
2018 Sonja King

The Jim Simmons Veterans Trophy

This trophy — a large silver cup — was donated to the club by Kent over 60 long jump champion Jim Simmons to recognise achievement within the veteran athletes in the club. The recipient is decided by votes cast by Club members.

2022 Ali Farrall
2021 not awarded
2020 not awarded
2019 Andy Howey
2018 Michelle Bradshaw
2017 Andy Howey
2016 Andy Howey
2015 Andy Howey
2014 Andy Howey
2012 Des O’Donnel
2011 Des O’Donnell
2010 Eric Schofield
2009 Jo Clift
2008 Graham Brooks
2007 Tara Taylor
2006 Tara Taylor
2005 John Johnson
2004 Carole Dyke
2003 Daryl Palfrey
2002 Carole Dyke
2001 John Fuller
2000 Bryon Taylor

The David Abbott Cross Country Trophy — for cross country achievement

The men’s trophy is a piece of engraved Swedish glass set on a wooden base, and was donated to the Club by veteran runner David Abbott. They are awarded annually for cross country achievement, the recipient is decided by votes cast by Club members. It was first awarded in 1995.

Year Male Female
2022 Dave Hadaway Amelie Karlsson
2021 not awarded not awarded
2020 not awarded not awarded
2019 Andy Howey Jillian Holford
2018 Andy Howey Jillian Holford
2017 Andy Howey Jillian Holford
2016 Ed Steele Pru Clements
2015 Sam Begg Pru Clements
2014 Andy Howey Alice Heather-Hayes
2012 Chris Wolton Alice Heather-Hayes
2011 Chris Smith Alice Heather-Hayes
2010 Des O’Donnell Tara Taylor
2009 Andy Howey Jo Clift
2008 Peter Burns Sarah-Jane Gaffney
2007 Andy Howey Ruth Briggs
2006 Andy Howey Lucille Joannes
2005 Andy Howey Sian Roberts
2004 Mark Taylor Tara Taylor
2003 Mike Russell Sian Roberts
2002 Adam Styles Lindsay Turner
2001 Adam Styles Ruth Brannan
2000 Daryl Palfrey Sian Roberts

The Speldhurst Summer Handicap Trophy

This trophy was donated by Paul Eames, Peter Gander, Eddie Lyons and past-Chairman Jacques Courivaud – a group of Club members living in Speldhurst. It is awarded annually to the fastest runner on handicap over three of the four races making up the Club summer handicap 10km series. The trophy was first awarded in 1997.

2022 Clifford Gray
2021 Stuart Corke
2020 Carol Tsang
2019 Phil Long
2018 Dominic Taylor-Langley
2017 Dominic Taylor-Langley
2016 Ann Marie Green
2015 Sam Ricketts
2014 Nicola Morris
2013 Will O’Shea
2012 Jamie White
2011 Rosa Britton
2010 Zara Bloomfield
2009 Oliver Chappatte
2008 Jane Johnstone
2007 Peter Burns
2006 Nick Marceta
2005 Jonathan Rickards
2004 Peter Nuttall
2003 Gavin Stapleton
2002 Peter Tullett
2001 Jeannette White
2000 Sue Radford

The Tina Lawrence Trophy

Tina Lawrence joined Tunbridge Wells Runners in 1984 and became one of the first ladies of our Club to win an individual trophy in our Half Marathon & together with Nina Foord, Jane Lavender, Marion Skett, Di Russell, Lyn Marchant & Gill Har-Ewan formed the backbone of our ladies’ team in many events in the early years of the Club.

Tina lost her battle with cancer in June 2018 and to commemorate her time with Tunbridge Wells Runners (now Harriers) and particularly with our Half Marathon her family have donated a trophy to be awarded annually to the first lady Tunbridge Wells Harrier to finish the Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon. The Tina Lawrence Memorial Trophy

Run February 2023  Emily Nash  (1:31:46)
Run February 2022 Ameli Karlsson (1:29:25)
Run February 2021 No Race Held
Run February 2020 Jillian Holford (1:36:42)
Run February 2019 Harriet Woolley (1:28:30)

The Nina Foord Triathlon Trophy

This trophy recognises athletic achievement in the discipline of triathlon, and was awarded from 2006 to 2010. Following the passing of Nina, this trophy will be handed over to the Tunbridge Wells Triathlon Club.

2010 Tim Lucas
2009 Sarah Russell
2008 Sarah Russell
2007 Sarah Russell
2006 Sarah Russell

The Club Cross Country Championship Shields

The club cross-country championship race is held annually in Feburary, with the winner of each category receiving a wooden shield. See the club cross-country championship page for a list of winners in each category.

The Club Road Championship Shields

The club road championship race is held annually in October, with the winner of each category receiving a wooden shield. See the club road championship page for a list of winners in each category.

The Club Road Grand Prix Trophy

The club road grand prix is designed to encourage Harriers to race more often, and on equal terms with all other members as the results are adjusted for age and gender. Each race of the Kent Grand Prix counts towards our club road grand prix with a percentage result based on finishing time, age and gender. This percentage is calculated according to the WAVA scale. The winner is the runner with the best score at the end of the season, that is the average of their best five percentages over the series, and they receive a pewter trophy that was first awarded in 2008. See the club road grand prix page for a list of winners.

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