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Club events

There are a number of club races held each year, with the Club Road Championship and the Club Cross Country Championship sorting out the men from the boys and the ladies from the girls. To keep the legs ticking over on those long summer evenings, the Summer 10K Handicap Series is always a favourite, with the winner being awarded the much sought after Speldhurst trophy. Throughout the year, results of all Kent Grand Prix events are collated to award an age and gender graded Club Grand Prix Champion.

But it’s not all about competing, with many social runs and social events held throughout the year. The annual club dinner gives the chance to see your fellow Harriers scrubbed up and a chance to acknowledge the achievements of the year. There are a number of hash runs, on Ashdown forest and further afield. Summer BBQs, winter fish and chips and curry nights all make sure that it’s not all work and no play.

Club Road Handicap 10k Series 

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The Harriers organise a four race handicap series each summer over a course of 10 kilometres on the roads near the clubhouse.

Handicap 10kEach member is given a handicap time — faster runners have a bigger handicap, meaning that everyone is running more or less on equal terms. The best handicap results over at least three races decide the series winner, who wins a trophy donated by Paul Eames, Peter Gander, Eddie Lyons and past-Chairman Jacques Courivaud – a group of Club members living in Speldhurst. Handicaps will be adjusted each month to reflect runners’ current performance.  The first runners go off at 7:20pm.

As roads are not closed during these races, for their own safety and out of respect to other road users, runners need to:
– wear bright clothes
– be careful with the traffic
– run in single file
– turn up at the start on time
– listen to the marshals
– be responsible for their own safety

The dates for the four races of the 2016 series are:

May 11th

June 8th

July 13th

August 3rd



The course

Handicap10kRouteThe start for the 10K course is on Forest Road at the junction with Forest Way (turn left at the top of Warwick Park, and it’s the first turning on the right).

From there, the course route goes down Hawkenbury Road towards Bells Yew Green.

After Rushlye Farm take the left turn and proceed clockwise round the “Bells Yew Green triangle” (face oncoming traffic on main road) and back on to the Hawkenbury Road.

Return to Hawkenbury and Forest Road (as per the Club Road Champs).

Turn left on to Forest Road and cross over when safe to do so before Warwick Park.

Handicap10k FinishTurn right down Warwick Park and into Nevill Gate.

Enter car park, turn right and then follow flags behind cricket nets to finish.

Start times

Each race has an official start time of 7.20pm. Individual runners start at pre-announced times calculated from their expected times to run the course and an anticipated finish time of 8.30pm. For example, if a runner is expected to take 48 minutes to run the course, their start time will be 48 minutes in advance of 8.30pm, ie 7.42pm.

If the handicapper has rated everyone accurately, and everyone runs to their expected time, the whole field will cross the line in a blanket finish!

The handicap organiser will send out a list of start times a few days in advance of each race through the club email group, and we will endeavour to publish that list here too.

If you are a newcomer to the Harriers and have not run the race before, then please contact the handicap organiser who will give you your handicap and start times.


Year Winner Full Results
2014 Nicola Morris  Pdf  Xls
2013 Will O’Shea
2012 Jamie White
2011 Rosa Britton
2010 Zara Bloomfield
2009 Oliver Chappatte
2008 Jane Johnstone
2007 Peter Burns
2006 Nick Marceta
2005 Jonathan Rickards
2004 Peter Nutall
2003 Gavin Stapleton
2002 Peter Tullet
2001 Jeannette White
2000 Sue Radford

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Club Road Grand Prix 

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The club road grand prix is designed to encourage Harriers to race more often, and on equal terms with all other members as the results are adjusted for age and gender.

How it works

Each race of the Kent Grand Prix counts towards our club road grand prix. Every time you race, you are awarded a percentage result based on your finishing time, your age and your gender. This percentage is calculated according to the WAVA scale. At the end of the season, your final score is the average of your best five percentages over the series.

Contact Geoff Turner if you have any queries about the Club Road Grand Prix.

Final 2014 results

The battle for the trophy between Craig, Mark Taylor, Barny and Woody was very close. Steve Barnfield produced the second best performance by a harrier in GP events this year to top the Ashford results, however Stephen Woodruffe’s consistency over the year wins him the 2014 trophy.

Final standings for those who ran at least 5 events are are as follows:-


Pos Name Age Grading Events
1 Stephen Woodruffe 77.56 6
2 Steve Barnfield 76.75 6
3 Mark Taylor 76.09 5
4 Craig Chapman 75.9 7
5 Stuart Shields 74.97 6
6 Matt Clements 70.27 5
7 Geoff Turner 69.33 5
8 Lesley Mercer 67.71 8
9 Lucille Joannes 67.56 5

Previous winners

2014 Stephen Woodruffe
2013 Alice Heather-Hayes
2011 Des O’Donnell
2010 Nick Leech
2009 Nick Leech
2008 Tara Taylor

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Club Road Championship 

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The Club Road Championship is run over a set route around a 5.5 mile loop, from the Frant Road end of Forest Road, via Bells Yew Green and Hawkenbury.

The 2011 race (see report) was held at 9:30am on Sunday 20th November, starting as usual from the Frant Road end of Forest Road, by the Borderers Sports Club.

The club event is open to all Harriers – you don’t have to be in contention to win it to run it. Just turn up on the morning and enjoy the annual club road run.

Age category winners enter the TWH history books (see below for previous champions), with trophies awarded at the Club Dinner and Awards evening.

Previous results

2011 <link tba>
2010 <link tba>
2009 <link tba>
2008 <link tba>
2007 <link tba>
2002 <link tba>
1999 <link tba>
1998 <link tba>
Check out the familiar names in the results of the 1988 race.

Senior Men’s and Women’s Champions

Year Senior Men Time Senior Women Time
2011 Chris Wolton 31:29:00 Alice Heather-Hayes 34:07:00
2010 Chris Wolton 32:16:00 Tara Taylor 38:15:00
2009 Nick Leech 31:36:00 Tara Taylor 39:19:00
2008 Nick Leech 32:09:00 Tara Taylor 37:22:00
2007 Andy Howey 30:59:00 Tara Taylor 36:58:00
2006 Andy Howey 31:45:00 Tara Taylor 36:22:00
2005 Terry Everest 32:51:00 Tara Taylor 39:03:00
2004 Andy Howey 32:53:00 Tara Taylor 38:35:00
2003 Andy Howey 33:13:00 Tracy Driver 41:55:00
2002 Peter Taylor 34:28:00 Lindsay Turner 43:29:00
2001 Adam Styles 31:27:00 Ruth Brannan 37:18:00
2000 Adam Styles 31:23:00 Siân Roberts 37:50:00
1999 Mark Taylor 31:15:00 Jeannette White 37:18:00
1998 Steve Brooks 31:30:00 Ruth Branson 36:30:00
1997 Mark Taylor 31:19:00 Claire Thomas 38:30:00
1996 Andy Howey 30:48:00 Jeannette Bowles 37:56:00
1995 Tony Lavender 31:35:00 Julia Verrall 35:10:00
1994 Andy Howey 30:04:00 Julia McNulty 36:09:00
1993 Andy Howey 29:23:00 Julia McNulty 35:25:00
1992 Tony Lavender 30:50:00 Julia McNulty 36:39:00
1991 Andy Howey 30:16:00 Julia McNulty 36:21:00
1990 Tony Baldock 28:50:00 Julia McNulty
1989 Andy Howey Rosemary Dunford
1988 Tony Baldock Hilary Newton
1987 Tony Baldock J Johnson
1986 Pierre Binetruy J Johnson

Veteran Men’s Champions

Year M40-49 Time M50-59 Time M60 Time M70 Time
2011 A Steger 35:07:00 M Taylor 38:42:00 P Richardson 39:56:00 Eric Schofield 42:59:00
2010 A Howey 33:38:00 D Harrison 38:27:00 B Bass 43:30:00 Graham Brooks 65:08:00
2009 M Clark 35:07:00 A Cheek 40:21:00 P Burns 43:58:00 Bryon Taylor 63:22:00
2008 A Howey 32:49:00 M Taylor 36:20:00 P Burns 39:10:00 Graham Brooks 64:20:00
2007 A Howey 30:59:00 A Lavender 35:01:00 M Jarvis 39:24:00 Graham Brooks 64:24:00
2006 A Howey 31:45:00 D Harrison 36:31:00 M Jarvis 39:05:00
2005 A Howey 33:44:00 D Harrison 39:03:00 M Jarvis 39:08:00
2004 A Howey 32:53:00 M Taylor 34:00:00 M Jarvis 36:47:00
2003 A Howey 33:13:00 M Jarvis 38:00:00 M Jarvis 38:00:00
2002 P Taylor 34:24:00 P Burns 38:02:00 M Jarvis 37:22:00
2001 P Taylor 34:28:00 A Cheek 35:18:00
2000 A Lavender 31:52:00 J Fuller 36:04:00 J Courivaud 42:54:00
1999 M Taylor 31:15:00 J Hepner 36:31:00 B Taylor 43:12:00
1998 P Taylor 34:00:00 J Hepner 34:36:00 K Wynne 40:42:00
1997 M Taylor 31:19:00 J Hepner 35:21:00 G Hurst 42:45:00
1996 M Taylor 30:51:00 I Wylie 35:26:00 J Courivaud 41:27:00
1995 P Smith 32:42:00 J Hepner 34:07:00 J Courivaud 40:43:00
1994 M Taylor 30:29:00 I Wylie 34:25:00 G Hurst 40:19:00
1993 Al Watson 31:28:00 P Mills 36:28:00 D Abbott 40:08:00
1992 Al Watson 32:09:00 M Thurgood 34:53:00
1991 Al Watson 30:29:00 E Schofield 33:04:00
1990 Al Watson M Thurgood
1989 Al Watson B Taylor

Veteran Women’s Champions

Year F35-44 Time F45-54 Time F55+ Time
2011 A Heather-Hayes 34:07:00 N White 42:48:00 S Richardson 42:58:00
2010 T Saunders 42:23:00 T Taylor 38:15:00 (not awarded)
2009 A Fleming 41:26:00 T Taylor 39:19:00 (not awarded)
2008 T Taylor 37:22:00 L Joannes 45:01:00 (not awarded)
2007 T Taylor 36:58:00 L Joannes 48:30:00 (not awarded)
2006 T Taylor 36:22:00 L Joannes 45:23:00 (not awarded)
2005 T Taylor 39:03:00 L Joannes 46:48:00
2004 T Taylor 38:35:00 L Joannes 44:38:00
2003 L Turner 43:16:00 L Joannes 47:00:00
2002 L Turner 43:29:00 (not awarded)
2001 S Radford 43:32:00 S Radford 43:32:00
2000 T Taylor 38:43:00 S Radford
1999 F Eustace 49:02:00
1998 E Laury 46:03:00
1997 E Laury 44:42:00
1996 F Eustace 43:12:00
1995 A Sankey 44:13:00
1994 F Eustace 44:54:00
1993 S Radford 42:46:00
1992 N Foord 45:53:00
1991 F Eustace 44:37:00
1990 H Newton
1989 N Foord

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Club Cross Country Championship 

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The Club Cross Country Championship race is held annually in Hargate Forest towards the end of the traditional cross country season around March.

The Course

The event is held over 3 laps of a testing 1.8 mile circuit, giving a total race distance of about 5.4 miles and plenty of opportunity for spectators to see the race. The hilly route takes in areas of heathland and mature coniferous forest, and includes a stream crossing — Sprat’s Brook — and several very muddy areas. One part of the course where the long straight of Broadview meets the Old Carriage Way is usually so waterlogged in early spring that it has become known as the ‘Canal Turn’.

The nature of the terrain is such that shoes with decent grip are recommended, with fell shoes or spikes being most widely used by competitors. The route is always clearly marked with yellow flags for the entire distance, and with arrow markers at each turn there is little opportunity to lose your way and go off-course.

How to get there

The main entrance to Hargate Forest is at the western end of Broadwater Down close to the junction with the A26 Eridge Road. There is ample parking in Broadwater Down, but please park as close as you can to the entrance to avoid the wrath of local residents. From the entrance, the start area is located in a large turning circle about 400 metres southwards along the forest track.

See a map showing the entrance to the forest.

Age Categories

All age categories take part in the one race, these being:

Men: Senior, M40, M50 & M60

Women: Senior, F35, F45 & F55

Silver salvers are awarded for each of these categories at the Club Annual Dinner Dance and Prize Presentation.

Event History

The first Club Cross Country Championships were held at the end of the 1999-2000 season.  In 2001, the race was postponed due to the outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease, but restrictions that had been imposed on access to the countryside were lifted in time for the event to be held in the autumn.

The course records are held by Mark Taylor (men) and Alice Heather-Hayes (women).

Hargate Forest and The Woodland Trust

Hargate Forest is used for our annual championship race with the kind permission of the The Woodland Trust. The site was acquired by The Woodland Trust in October 1996, having previously been part of the Nevill Estate. The purchase was assisted by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and a very successful local fund-raising campaign organised by the Friends of Hargate Forest. The Forest is owned and managed by The Trust — details of their management plan and the forest in general may be found at the Hargate Forest website.


Year Male winner Female Winner Results
2013 Will Levett Alice Heather-Hayes Pdf
2012 Chris Wolton Alice Heather-Hayes Pdf
2011 Andy Howey Siân Roberts Pdf
2010 Matt Clark Tara Taylor Pdf
2009 Andy Howey Tara Taylor Pdf
2008 Ed Peltor Jane Johnstone Pdf
2007 Pdf
2006 Pdf
2005 Pdf
2004 Pdf
2003 Pdf
2002 Pdf
2001 Pdf
2000 Pdf

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Social events 

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Spring Party

The Annual Spring Party is a not to be missed event. Open to all Harriers and their partners, it’s a chance to socialise, eat, drink and dance without wearing the usual lycra! New Harriers are most welcome. The club’s awards are also made on this night, the ‘Man versus Horse’ award, the Club’s road and cross country champs and the prestigious ‘Cornel Medal’, to name but a few.

The Midsummer Ultra

A relatively new addition to the Harriers calendar, the mid summer ultra has something for everyone. A great, leisurely off-road run, choose how far you want to run, could be 10 miles, or over 30, and enjoy!

So far we’ve run from Hastings to Tunbridge Wells, and also done the Tunbridge Wells Circular.

Summer BBQ and Hash

Start with a hash through the beautiful countryside with off-road distances to suit everyone, including walkers, followed by a delicious BBQ relaxing in a garden. A lovely day out in the Harriers calendar, families welcome.

Curry Night

Join your fellow Harriers for a night of delicious Indian food & fun. We quite often take over a local restaurant, which is probably a good thing given the now legendary ‘Bengal Brassiere’ competition!  Partners welcome.

Run out lunch

Always at the beginning of December, a superbly organised ‘hash’ starting from a location revealed close to the day and ending up at a secret and well-researched hostelry for lunch. Partners & families welcome, as are walkers.

Christmas Pressie Night

The usual Wednesday club night and run are transformed for one night only for Christmas!

The ‘Christmas Lights Run’ takes in the best of the festive lights of Tunbridge Wells, followed by a festive fish & chip supper in the Club House. We have a secret Santa pressie giving – bring a wrapped gift (suitable for male or female, £5-£10) for Santa to give out. And it that’s not enough, the Club’s London Marathon place ballot also takes place on this night.

Boxing Day run

The perfect way to get rid of the over indulgence from Christmas day.  10 miles from the clubhouse starting at 10am.

Christmas Hash

If you fancy a post Christmas hash on the Ashdown forest, meet at the ‘Friends’ car park for a 10:30 off.

New Year’s Day run

Start the year as you mean to go on – running and socialising with your fellow Harriers.

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