Wednesdayish Run – Hells Bells


Rather than copy the wording from the email, here’s the important bits

Sorry I can’t do written instructions. Start by heading past the Brecknock on your right and UP the hill out of Bells Yew Green (towards Frant)

OS Maps Link

PDF Route Map

GPX File


dwMap for most Garmin GPS devices (works on my simple 235)

Goto and using Garmin Connect you can install the ‘dwMap’ application on your watch.

Its simple and just shows the GPX route you imported on a white screen on your watch and where you are on it. I’ve found it invaluable for staying on routes I’m not 100% familiar with and without needing to stop and check where I am on my phone.

It’s also free to register and use! You don’t need the premium features for simple route following. Takes a little getting used to, but easy enough to import GPX files and it does the rest for you. You can use all your other Garmin features like route recording at the same time.