TWH Run – 2nd November 2022: Quiz Time

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Greetings Harriers, Bamber, Jeremy, Bob Sez and all the other great quiz masters of the world.
Is the modern world getting you down ?
Scandals, sleaze and incompetence not your thing ?
Will Bob take you back in time to an era when the running was fast and club records were (not) easy.
And when you FINALLY get a question right on University Challenge. | University challenge, In this moment, Life
Or have I got the wrong Jeremy ?
Itv Quiz GIF by Stellify Media
I hope you have your group of 4 and will be listening intently
30 Running Themed Quiz Questions - Runners First
So, with Saul Harris as this week’s Routemaster 🚌, fasten your seat belts and here we go ……
Standard route 7.2 miles (rather undulating)

Short route 5.4 miles (or even shorter if necessary)

Bob wants to get his show on the road at 8:30 so Quizzers are asked to a do a route distance that enables them to be ready in time.
This week’s route is mostly well lit but please try and stay in groups as much as possible, looking out especially for guests, newer members and wear something bright but no head torch necessary.
Current forecast for Wednesday is for a damp and slightly cooler 13C.
Hockey Chris has been promoted “upstairs” (presumably to spend more time with his family) and has handed over the day-to-day reins to Tea Total Trevor, hopefully still selling the finest beer (Harveys), wine and soft drinks in the immediate vicinity, at special prices.
7:30 prompt start from the Nevill – change rooms, showers and bar all open – it’s time to commit!