Club run results

Well according to the Strava flybys we had 25 people who attempted to claim some Crowns and Trophies for the club last night (probably more but they haven’t uploaded their watches yet).

So much to my surprise there was only 1 Crown, which goes to Craig Chapman for the Clockwork uphill segment, he managed to smash this 5 year old record by 4 seconds! However on the podium we also had Dillon in second on Royal Chase down, only 4 seconds off the lead! - Continue Reading -

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Tonight’s Route – 17/10/18

My turn with the bus tonight (seems I have avoided it for 6 years). Anyway to follow on from the theme from the last few weeks of the Royal and Firsts runs I thought we had better award some Crowns and Trophies. These are of course going to come in the shape of achievements over Strava segments, therefore it helps if you are on Strava.

I thought I would also do my bit to promote the TW Running Challenge by re-running one of the segments from last year. For those of you who are not aware of this, it is a monthly challenge in and around Tunbridge Wells of around 4km. In addition to the monthly challenge there is also a GC race over the year and a handicap challenge. I think all who took part last year really enjoyed the new variety of routes, new annual challenge starts in November, so join. - Continue Reading -

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The “Not the Christmas Hash”

[UPDATED October 17th, 2018 at 05:46 pm]

A repeat of last years’ failed attempt to find the route in Ashdown forest!

As I have mentioned in the clubnight announcements for the last couple of weeks, this Sunday I’ll be giving you all another chance to run round the route of last year’s Christmas Hash on Ashdown Forest. For those of you new to the club, a hash is a cross country run marked with flour on the ground, often with fiendish false trails. For those of you who aren’t new to the club, I’d recommend following the flour on the ground this time. And I’ll probably leave out the false trails to give you a fighting chance  - Continue Reading -

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Tunbridge Wells Pub Run!

5km – 7 pubs – 3.5 pints – £14 (oh and a favour on behalf of Asics)

You may have missed it but this weekend is the inaugural Tunbridge Wells Beer Weekend where numerous of our beery venues around Tunbridge Wells are hosting tap takeovers, beer talks, meet the brewers, quizzes and brewery open days to celebrate those finest of hoppy beverages, BEER! - Continue Reading -

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