2019 TWH club tour

The club tour in 2019 will be to the Isle of Wight, which has never been “officially” visited by the Harriers. For the uninitiated, it is an island measuring 23 miles x 13 miles and is located a 45 minute ferry ride from Portsmouth. Aside from its famous micro climate, it has wonderful coastal paths, green hills and of course lots of nice beaches. 

The tour dates are Friday 7th June to Monday 10th June, but like always, you can decide to leave on the Sunday and be back to work on the Monday should you so choose. There is also 1 or 2 who arrive late on Friday, after work. We will be staying at the Marina Bay Hotel in Sandown in the South East of the island. It is on the sea front and the views are wonderful. - Continue Reading -

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New XC Entries Page

I’ve setup a new page so you know if you’ve been entered after contacting me or Jillian, this is a direct feed from the google spreadsheet I enter everyone into (minus personal details). It also includes the closing deadlines for each of the upcoming races.

I hope this helps ensure everyone who wants to race doesn’t miss out. - Continue Reading -

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