Our Track Sessions

Good afternoon sports fans.

I have been meaning to write the below for several months, but have struggled to compose anything that doesn’t sound….well, a bit ‘naff’. If I hold off due to the naff factor though I don’t think I will ever write it, so here goes….be gentle. Also….for those short of time I have written 2 versions:

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Tonight’s Route – 02/05/18

Dear Runners

Below are the directions for tonight’s route around the rocks of Tunbridge Wells (Wellington, Toad, Happy Valley & High Rocks). Attached is a marked OS Map showing the route. Unfortunately I will not be able to make it tonight as I have a Tenpin Bowling Match tonight. For the second week running Ed will run through the route. I hope today’s rain does not make it too wet or muddy in places.

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Awards Voting

The Club Trophies and Awards for the calendar year 2017, including the 2017/18 cross country season, will be presented at the Club Party this Saturday 24th March.

The recipients are decided by votes cast by you, the membership!

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