Wokingham Half Marathon


3 Harriers took part in the Wokingham half on Sunday. I had targeted this race, but post my recent skiing trip I have been having trouble with my achilles. Obviously the smart thing to do was not to compete, but I had paid my money and all that!

Ollie was targeting a PB and feeling in confident mood following his recent liposuction. The future Mrs Smeed had warned me that he was prone to breaking himself and to not encourage him to push himself; or was this just concern about him breaking her PB? Either way I decided to definitely not spend the car journey motivating him, honest J!

So to the race, it’s basically flat and fast with a few motorway bridges in there for fun (a bit like Paddock Wood). I started ok but my achilles was affecting my run form from about half way and I couldn’t stay on PB pace and slowed, I was still happy to come in just under 1:25 though. At the finish I went to cheer on Ollie and was alarmed to see him ahead of the 1:40 pacer. I pleaded with him to slow down, “you will be in trouble for breaking the plan!”, “she won’t forgive you!” He however ignored me, got his sub 1:40 time and ended up with a 6 min PB!! Luckily though he didn’t break Hayley’s PB so hopefully he will be forgiven.

Lyndon sorry we didn’t see you, but well done!

Mike King


Michael King 01:24:31
Oliver Smeed 01:39:05
Lyndon Jennings 01:52:32