Westminster Mile – Record Alert


At today’s Westminster Mile there were FOUR new Club Records set, among the really strong performances put up by Tunbridge Wells Harriers.

I am listing the times and positions of all our runners (that I know took part). If you ran and are not listed please let me know in order that I may add your name and result.

Andy Howey                      M55       5:02        28th       1st M55                 New Club M55 Record
John Law                              M40       5:10        46th       3rd M40                 New Club M40 Record
Tom Woolley                     SM         5:14        57th         4th SM  
Chris Potter                        M45       5:32        105th      4th M45  
Harriet Woolley                SL            5:46        149th      5th SL                     New Club SL Record
Andy Joad                           M50       5:46        147th      9th M50  
James Chandler                M45       5:49        158th      12th M45  
Nicola Morris                     F45         6:32        312nd    3rd F45  
Michele Bradshaw           F55         6:47        348th      1st F55                   New Club F55 Record

There were over 8000 runners taking part in a series of one mile races so the performances of all our runners should be applauded.

Bob L