Weekly Parkrun Results – 02/03/24 + 09/03/24


As autobob is still away, he blames this for why he’s having to cover last week’s results as well

02/03/24 (or 03/02/24 where autobob is)
54 parkrunners and 9 helpers
7 first timers
3 PBs
and 2 results in the upper 70s, well done to Pru C and Will L

68 parkrunners and 8 helpers
9 first timers
3 PBs
and Will again smashing the AG with an 83% at Tonbridge

A note to Lizzie Fox or for anyone that knows her, your parkrun club is incorrectly down as Northants Tri Club so I had to add you manually
Please get this corrected or you can get missed out from the results, this may just be a bug in parkrun’s results system
Normal autobob service resumes next week (when he is over the jetlag)
Ed (autobob)