Wednesdayish Run – Timmins takes on (lots of T’s)


As the club is no longer in “business as usual” mode and I know how much you love those Wednesday night routes, we have decided to send a route each week that Harriers might like to do at any time during the course of the week. There won’t be any leader boards and no one will be checking up on you, but it gives Harriers an excuse to mix their routines up a bit from their usual array of runs.

Colin Timmins is this week’s Routemaster 🚌, so fasten your seat belts and here we go ……

Colin, who resides in Tonbridge, is an active member of the club and when not at his day job is busy with his record label. He has come up with a 10ish mile (largely) trail run that connects Tonbridge with Tunbridge Wells & Tudeley.
Not a run to squeeze into a lunch hour, allow 1.5 – 2 hours to take in the delights of rural Kent.
You can start from Tonbridge or Tunbridge Wells, depending on where you live.
Much of it is under tree cover, so not too hot on a warm day.
It is essential to take the route instructions and photos with you and some water might be handy too.
Its a lovely route, enjoy !

Geoff Turner

Route photos

Route instructions

OS Maps route

Tonbridge Timmins GPX File


Afraid I can’t create a Strava Route as you need to pay for that now, but if you do have a paid subscription you can import the GPX file using this method on a computer –

  1. Convert it into a fake ‘route’ using this website that adds fake timestamps to the GPX file to keep Strava happy
  2. Either – import this new fake GPX activity into Strava using the Strava Labs app (if this still works)
  3. or – add it as a private manual activity via the + , then press convert activity into a route, then delete the activity afterwards

Strava is a bit painful to create routes in, I recommend just getting an OS maps subscription as a year’s worth of access to the entire UK OS maps database is great for following routes off-road!