Wednesdayish Run – Hills of Silverdale


As the club is no longer in “business as usual” mode and I know how much you love those Wednesday night routes, we have decided to send a route each week that Harriers might like to do at any time during the course of the week. There won’t be any leader boards and no one will be checking up on you, but it gives Harriers an excuse to mix their routines up a bit from their usual array of runs.

Gem Stilliard is this week’s Routemaster 🚌, fasten your seat belts and here we go ……

Gem says – definitely a strength training route! But it’s probably a good time to work on that! Lol
I have named it the hills of Silverdale. Would suggest slight warm up and cool down beforehand. Distance is 3.4 miles.

Start at the junction bottom of High Brooms Road and Highfield Road
Run up High Brooms road
Sharp right down Highfield road
Right North Farm road
Right up Holmewood road
Left in Woodland by pet shop
Left down Cambrian road
Right at bottom Upper Gro road
Right up Dynevor
Left at Woodland road
Run all way down Silverdale road
Continue up Silverdale
Right on st Stephens Road (little respite for legs for a bit) continue until
Right on Somerset road
Right on southwood and immediately right on All Saints Rise that leads to All Saints Road.

Follow round to right st David’s
Right at st Luke’s road run up and at top turn left
Back at st Stephens road
Left on Silverdale road down until
Left on Woodland by co op up all the way to Dynevor.
Down Dynevor road
Left on Upper Gro road
Left up Cambrain road
Right on Woodland road
Right down Holmewood road
Left at bottom on North Farm road
Left up Highfield road and then sharp left on High Brooms road back to North farm junction and finish
Phew 😅

You must wear something bright and hi vis if running in the dark (somehow – Ed).

Any offers for setting routes gratefully received (especially if someone from Tonbridge wants to set a local route that offers TW residents an opportunity to sample its delights). Off road routes especially welcome.