Wednesdayish Run – High Rocks Cabbage


As the club is no longer in “business as usual” mode and I know how much you love those Wednesday night routes, we have decided to send a route each week that Harriers might like to do at any time during the course of the week. There won’t be any leader boards and no one will be checking up on you, but it gives Harriers an excuse to mix their routines up a bit from their usual array of runs.

So as this week’s Routemaster 🚌, fasten your seat belts and here we go ……

This week’s run is set by Andrew Deighton. Although only with the club for year or two, Andrew has thrown himself into club activities ranging from Press & Publicity Officer (incl club newsletter) to a XC regular (incl a stunning debut at the National XC champs).

You don’t need to start and finish at the Nevill, in fact I suggest you start and finish at the point closest to where you live.
Please don’t run in groups and please bear in mind the social distancing guidelines.

It is basically a clockwise loop to Langton, some on road but mainly off – something for everyone.
Head out of the club rooms onto the Common and make your way along Cabbage Stalk Lane which brings you out onto High Rocks Lane. Turn left under a railway bridge onto a footpath and continue to follow the railway line until you reach High Rocks, where you cross the road and descend on a path, cross a stream and follow a path in a westerly direction until you come to a steepish uphill path on the right which takes you to Barrow Lane. Continue up Barrow Lane then cross Langton Road (A264) into Farnham Lane, then turning right into Dornden Drive before returning to A264 then right into Nevill Park then right into Major Yorks then back to the Nevill.

The full route is 6.7 miles and a suggested short version would be to start and finish on the Common and to skip the Farnham Lane/Dornden Drive loop and return along the A264.

You must wear something bright and hi vis if running in the dark.

Start whenever, wherever, what could be easier – its time to commit !

Any offers for setting routes gratefully received (especially if someone from Tonbridge wants to set a local route that offers TW residents an opportunity to sample its delights). British Summer Time started on 29th March so off road options come into play.