Wednesdayish Run – Adrian Classic


Greetings Harriers

As the club is no longer in “business as usual” mode and I know how much you love those Wednesday night routes, we have decided to send a route each week that Harriers might like to do at any time during the course of the week. There won’t be any leader boards and no one will be checking up on you, but it gives Harriers an excuse to mix their routines up a bit from their usual array of runs.

I was away last week and was going to give you the week off but a big thanks to Ed who stepped into the breach at the last minute.

So as this week’s Routemaster 🚌, fasten your seat belts and here we go ……

This week’s run is a repeat of one Adrian set for us back in June 2017.
Possibly take a drink and definitely wear a bright top so you stand out on the busy road sections.

The full route is 7 miles with the shorter route 5 miles (measured from the club) – something for everyone.

It is out via the bottom of Broadwater Down through Hargate Forest and then right into Bunny Lane (be careful on this road).
Turn left on to the A26 (extremely carefully !) and there is a small turn on the right about 400m down (opposite a road sign) through the trees.
Wind your way down to Eridge Rocks (at the bottom of the route) and then through the RSPB car park into Broadwater Forest.
The route eventually takes you on a small road section to High Rocks, shortly afterwards on the right is the trail that follows the train line and stream to the back of Ramslye.
L into Eridge Road
R in the roundabout to Nevill Terrace
L into Linden Park Road
R into Montecutieee (sic) Road
R into Frant Road
L into Rodean Road
R into Warwick Park

Why not give it a go, especially in the lovely summer weather expected this week.

It’s time to commit !

Any offers for setting routes gratefully received. Some of you have some nice off road routes that you must be desperate to share with other Harriers !


TWH-trailbase-25-July-18 (2) (1)

GPX Route