Simon Howden – 7.6m/6.5m/5.3m – Quite hilly throughout

Club Events


Short 5.3 miles
Medium 6.5 miles
Long 7.6 miles

Right down Warwick Park
Left into Eridge/London Road
Left into Broadwater Down
Right into Frant Road
Left into Birling Rd
Straight on Bayham Rd
Left into Forest Rd
Left into Farmcombe Rd
Left into Claremont Rd
Straight over into Little Mount Sion
Short – left into High Street and back up Warwick Park

Medium/Long – Right into High Street
Straight over into Mount Pleasant
Left at the Costa Coffee into Lime Hill Road
Cross London road and up footpath
Medium – left into Mount Ephraim, left into Castle and back up Warwick Park

Long – right then left into Royal Chase
Follow on to Byng Rd
Left into Bishop’s Down Park Rd
Left into Molyneux Park Rd
Right then left into Castle Rd
Left into Eridge Rd
Back up Warwick Park