Wednesday Run – Wedding Bliss


As many of you maybe aware Alexis and I are getting married on 17th May, and given that 8th May will be the 1st handicap of the season, we are hosting a run and some food/drink this Wednesday and would love as many to join us at the club as possible. We will organise some nibbles and would like to get everyone a drink so please join us.

Having been up supporting our runners in London which was brilliant, we are aware some may not be running on Wednesday but please come up for a drink.  Others looking for a short slow run we are setting up a route where there will be a short 4 miles at 10 min/mile pace and a longer 6 mile route where we will all meet with a mile to go and me and Alexis will run together back to the club.

Hope to see you Wednesday

Chris & Alexis

Following on from Chris’s email, here are some PRESIDENTIAL instructions for the long (6.5 miles) and short (4.5 miles) routes.
The off road should be dry and mud free but probably best to leave your £210 Nike Vaporfly 4%s at home.
Complimentary nibbles and hydration at the end.
Should be fun and plenty of regrouping so come along and enjoy.
Cross cricket to tennis
TL onto Cumberland to Pantiles
Through Pantiles to end
ADMIRE CRANES  (look hard, they can be difficult to spot)
Find footpath to Linden Close beside church
Proceed to end on Eridge Road
TL and cross to Common footpath uphill
TL at first cross path to end cottage
SHORT ROUTE continues
SO down Cabbage Stalk to end
BL along High Rocks Lane for 150m
TR up Midway to top
TL after railings to foot of our stairs
UP 107 steps
TR along footpath
BL along footpath by waste bin
TL on footpath opp St Pauls
X Langton Road to SO footpath
X Rusthall Road to SO footpath
LONG ROUTE continues
TL down steep path to Eridge Road
TR under rail bridge into estate
Keep right to find footpath by railway
SO to Friezeland Woods to High Rocks
TR after pub on footpath under railway
Follow through metal gate up to stile
Follow to T-junction
TR uphill past Holmewood House
X Langton Road onto Farnham Lane
Go past Ryders on right
Go past Gipps Cross Lane on left
Find two steps up on right at footpath
TR at end of footpath onto Mercers
TL then TR onto footpath
X Dornden onto footpath
X Asher Reeds onto footpath
SO at end onto Nellington and High ST
Past Lower Green Road
Past Apsley Street
TL onto footpath to TOAD ROCK
X Harmony Street up footpath to
Rusthall Park under barrier X Golf Course
TR up private Bishops Down Park Road
Keep R up Hurstwood Lane to Common
X to Wellington Rocks
Run down the tarmac path to the Race Track
TR to next tarmac path
TL down path to Eridge Road & Warwick Pk