Wednesday Run – We are the Champions


Dear all

I’m setting the route master for tonight and in celebration of us being the champions of Kent, we had better go and get ourselves a trophy! Therefore I have set my best attempt at finding a trophy around the streets of RTW (yes it’s a bit wonky). A head torch is recommended for a few dark sections, but you could stick to the main roads to avoid. One section in Calverley park is also running up a grassy hill so again if too slippery please use the footpath instead. 

Also as we actually need to collect two trophies for both the men and ladies so extra kudos for those who run this segment twice!

Please find attached map (thanks Cas) and instructions below. 

Thanks and see you all later. 


p.s For those of you who would like to collect an actual Strava trophy, I just need one of you go out and run the route and create a segment before tonight’s run!


Long 11ish Km
Short 7.5ish Km

  • Right down Warwick Park
  • Left Roedean
  • Right Frant Road
  • Left Montacute Road
  • Straight on Linden Park Road
  • Right at roundabout up Neville Terrace
  • Right at roundabout up Eridge road
  • Continue into London Road
  • Left Mount Edgcombe
  • Right Castle road
  • Right Mount Ephraim
  • Right down footpath (head torch)
  • Right down london road to Mount Edgcomne road then come back up London road
  • Right Mount Ephraim
  • Straight over Calverley Road and continue until roundabout
  • Go through pedestrian gate which leads into Calverley Park (head torch)
  • Run down the path which has the basketball court on your left keep running down the paths with the sunken garden on your left and then run up the hill to join the path (try and keep as straight as you can)
  • Follow path around and exit park onto Mounfield Gardens
  • Left Grove hill road
  • Left Calverley Park (head torch) – follow around and then come down the footpath by the basketball courts again and onto Mountfields gardens
  • Left Grovehill and first right onto Meadowhill road into Grove park (Head torch)
  • Right around footpath in park until you get to South Grove road
  • Left high street
  • Straight on chapel place down stairs and left onto Neville Street
  • Continue up Frant Road

Short route – Left Roedean and back to club

Long Route – Right Broadwater down

  • Left St Marks road (might need head torch)
  • Left Frant Road
  • Right forest road
  • Left Warwick Park
  • Right Neville Gate then run around to Neville gate right Warwick park and back to club (this is to create our podium)