Wednesday Run – Restaurants Per Mile


Hello fellow Harriers,

I know this is earlier than normal for the routemaster to send the weekly map (no map attached, will be provided closer to the time), but you might want to prepare something for the run next Wednesday, 29th Jan.

It seems there are two things the Harriers enjoy more than running, beer and food.

As we’ve already done Ben’s beer run, I thought I’d take on the food. Club events which involve food are always well supported, whether it is:

  • Making (The Great British “Eridge Park” Bake Off)

  • Eating (Curry night, Run Out Lunch or Pizza and Presentation evenings) or

  • Making and eating (XC Cakes)

So for the run this week we will be trying to increase our RPM, no not Revolutions Per Minute, more Restaurants Per Mile. Also included is the monthly run challenge segment.

So what do I need to prepare? Not much really, to keep to the gastronomic based theme there will be a cookbook swap shop before and after the run, bring in any unwanted used/unused cookbooks, place them on the table at the front and swap for another, simples. Any unclaimed books at the end of the night will be brought back the following week and then donated to charitable cause.

Maybe the vegan lifestyle is getting you down, go cold turkey and pick up “A Bird in the Hand: Chicken recipes for every day and every mood”. Are you feeling guilty about eating too much meat? Pick up Keith Pepperell’s “Naughty Parsnip Recipes”. I’m sure there will be something for everyone!

Good luck to those racing at Parliament Hill and Canterbury.

It’s time to commit…apparently.


Adam Dennis