Wednesday Run – ALEX SAYS NO THEME


Good Morning Harriers,

And what a morning it is! Worry not, this strange and unwelcome blue sky should be long gone in time for tomorrow’s run. The forecast says 56% chance of light rain, I say 100% chance of a great time had by all.

Where: The Nevill Ground Clubhouse
When: 19:30 Wednesday 04/03
Remember: Be visible, be hydrated, and maybe refrain from handshakes and heavy petting.

Usual maps hopefully to follow and I will bring some copies along, but for those who want to plan their warm up/ travel/ other plans accordingly, please see attached for the directions in punishing detail. 7 mile and 5.5 mile options.

No theme from me this time, sorry theme fans. I would urge you all to come forward and have a go at route-setting, nothing makes you feel alive like staring at the map in front of a crowded club house, and instantly forgetting the names of all the roads in Tunbridge Wells.

I’m sure Geoff would be happy to hear from you if you.

TWH 04_03 _ Strava Route Cue Sheet 7 Miles

TWH 04_03 _ Strava Route Cue Sheet 5.5 Miles

As an apology for my lack of imagination with the route, please accept my gift of 2 hours of stone cold bangers for anyone with a running playlist that needs refreshing. Do let me know your favourite songs to run to, this is a constantly evolving beast.

Marathon 2020, a playlist by ablckll on Spotify
A playlist featuring M83, Kylie Minogue, Self Esteem, and others

See you tomorrow,