Wednesday Run – Alex Does Dunorlan


Greetings Harriers,

Alex Blackall here, and I am your debutant Routemaster this week, rejoice!

Which one is Alex? you may be thinking.. I’m that one in his early 30’s, you know the one that is kind of average height, with the regular hair, and the generic face. You can’t miss me!

I’m playing it very safe with this route, as the light is fading and it is time to get reacquainted with our old friends, red brick and tarmac.

Here we go;
Up Warwick Park! > Hawkenbury > Dunorlan lake loop > Up and out to Pembury Road > Right on to Calverley Road > Past the Police Station > Over the crossroads, past Trinity > Up the windy path > Fly down Molyneux > Crawl up Bishops Down Rd and Hurstwood Lane > Bishops Down > Rusthall Loop > Major Yorks and home.

As my route setting idol Geoff would say “7:30 ish start from the Nevill – its time to commit!”

Map and link below;

The full route is 7.3 miles and the shorter options are;

Cut off Dunorlan loop by continuing on Bayhall – 6.3m
Cut off Rusthall loop – 5.8m
Cut off both – 5m

Route Link