Wednesday Run



It’s my route tonight so, taking after Geoff’s fantastic chicken, i’ve gone for a poultry theme. The long route is a pretty irate looking goose, flapping its wings, and the short route is a more refined bird. (Supposed to be)


Right out of the club house onto Warwick Park
Right on Nevill Street
Left on London Road
Right up Major Yorks
Left on Nevill Park (watch for the speedbumps)
Left on Langton Road
Right on Coach Road
Right on Rusthall Road
Left on Langton Road

Short (5.2 miles):

On to Bishop’s Down
On to Mount Ephraim
Long (6.5 miles):
Left on Bishop’s Down Road
On to Hurstwood Lane
Right on Bishops Down Park Road (watch for the bollards)
On to Culverden Down
Right onto Culverden Park
Right onto Connaught Way
Left on Royal Chase
Left on Mount Ephraim
Right on Grosvenor Road
On to Mount Pleasant
On to High Street
Through Chapel Place
Left on Nevill Street
Left on Warwick Park
Back to Clubhouse