Wednesday Run



There is some snow on the ground but I’m expecting it to melt this afternoon, so this route should be safe.

The full route is 6.9 miles but it can easily be reduced by 25% or 50% or so by leaving out one or two of the loops.

There are plenty of ups and downs, so make sure you don’t go out too quick.

Looking forward to plenty of heckling as I read out the route on Wednesday.

Cas has highlighted 2 roads where head torches would be helpful, but are by no means essential.

From the club house
R into Warwick Park (down)
L into Frant Road (up)
R into Broadwater Down
R into Sausage Factory Hill / Broad water Lane (down)
R into Eridge Road
L into Major Yorks Road (up)
R into Bishops Down Road
R into Castle Road (down)
L into London Road / Mount Ephraim (up)
R into Grosvenor Road (down)
L into Calverley Road
R into Crescent Road
L into Mount Pleasant Road/ High Street (down)
L into Mt Sion (up)
L into Claremont Road
R into Farmcombe Road (up)
R into Forest Road
R into Warwick Park (down)
R to the club house (for a well earned rest)

Good luck

Geoff Turner