Wednesday Run [Update]

[UPDATE – Map now added!]
I’ve assigned myself the bus this week to give Geoff a break. As I did the same time last year, with longer events like the North Downs 30 coming up, it only helps to get some longer runs in.
Weather is still very changeable so if its a rainstorm I’ll produce something else, otherwise we’ll be heading out on the usual ‘smelly farm’ route but continuing to head north after this to explore the woods around Pembury.
Long will be 10 hilly miles
Short route is the usual cutoff at the farm, just under 6 miles (less hilly)
Something comfortable on and off road recommended, but you should be OK with road shoes as its not very muddy
We’ll have lots of regroups and I’ll flour the long route, but will also bring some maps especially for those who aren’t familiar with the short route
Ed Steele