Wednesday Run


As you will all be aware we have a guest talk from Kelly Holmes.
The talk will start at 8pm so we have been asked to be seated upstairs by 7:55.

To facilitate this, the club run will be a little different to the usual.
It will be shortened version of the TWH Bottle Run.
No, this not about nicking a bottle of spirits from your local offie, but it is about placing your imaginary bottle as far away from the start of the route as you can AND be back at the start point within the prescribed time limit. At TWH we are, of course, all winners but the biggest winner will be the person who leaves their imaginary bottle the furthermost from the start, usually somewhere between Southborough and Tonbridge and is back at the start before 7:40.

We will congregate in the Nevill car park then all leave together at 7:00 sharp (no announcements) and must return back there no later than 7:40. Basically the route is turn right out of the club into Warwick Park then turn right into the A26 London Road and run as far as you can along that road for about 20 minutes before turning around and retracing your steps. The route out is more uphill than the route back.

If you think you will need more than 15 minutes to get showered and changed then I suggest you run for 30 or 35 minutes, as we don’t want anyone arriving late for Kelly.