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NOTE – Any changes after you have been assigned a position will be marked in the left hand column, please check this incase something has changed

If anything is wrong, has changed or you aren’t listed here and want to help out, please let volunteer coordinator Ed Steele know urgently!


Run If you stated you’re running
Signs Signage from 3rd/4th Feb LEAD – Andrew Howey
MSHL Race marshal LEAD – Andy Page
CarP Car Park marshal on morning of race LEAD – Nicola Morris 
HQ (Sun) HQ setup/marshalling from 7:00am race day LEAD – Adam Dennis 
HQ (Num) Race-day number collection – 7:45am race day LEAD – Adam Dennis  
Start Start setup, 7am race day LEAD – Andrew Howey 
Finish Finish setup, 7am race day LEAD – Rich Carter 
Water Water marshal LEAD – Keith Mitchell 
Driver / Assist Driving or passenger in race vehicles  

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HQ (Sun)
HQ (Num)
Driver / Assist
Role Notes
(initial)Martin BriceYesYes
(initial)Samuel BridgerYesYesYes
(initial)Alexandra KerwinYesYes
2024-02-04Richard WithersYesDROP OUT CAR DRIVER
(initial)Paul KrommYesYes
(initial)Nick PierceYes
(initial)Robin BarwickYesYes
(initial)Rob HillYesYesPACER
(initial)Colin RickettsYesYesYes
2024-01-30Rose SawyerYes
(initial)Liz HawkerYes
(initial)Catherine KinderYesYes
(initial)Craig ChapmanYesYesYesPACER
(initial)Al MarshYesYes
(initial)Michèle BradshawYesHQ / Baggage
(initial)Lucille JoannesYesYes
(initial)Mark JoannesYes
2024-02-08Hugh HennebryYes
(initial)Rob JonesYesYes
(initial)Dave HadawayYes
(initial)Peter BurnsYes
(initial)Phil WatkinsYesYes
(initial)Paul KettererYesYes
(initial)Ali FarrallYesYesYes
2024-02-04Deb StampYes
(initial)Darren BenthamYesLEAD CAR DRIVER
(initial)Kelvin Desmoyers-DavisYesYesYes
(initial)Mark GodsalveYesYesYes
(initial)Alistair ReidYesYes
(initial)Geoff HurrellYes
(initial)Matt DisneyCAR PARK LEAD
(initial)Andrew Deighton
(initial)Simon SwinnertonYesYes
(initial)Colin TimminsYesYes
(initial)Susan CooperYesYesYes
(initial)Tev AustinYes
(initial)Gem StilliardYesYesYes
(initial)James O'DwyerYesYes
2024-02-04Benjamin MillsYes
(initial)Pete HolmesYesYesYes
(initial)Ana-Maria GreenYes
(initial)Alex ReidYesYesYesPACER
(initial)Harry DoyleYesYes
(initial)Ashley WallaceYes
2024-01-30Sue BurnsYesYesDROP OUT CAR ASSIST
2024-02-14Matt NewmanYesYes
(initial)Amelie KarlssonYesYes
(initial)Maria GandaraYes
(initial)Charley ConnorYesYes
(initial)Ben MuirYes
(initial)Alex JeffreysYesYes
(initial)Anthony BrownYesYes
(initial)Stella RichardsonYes
(initial)Sam DrangaYesTail walker
2024-02-04Clare Hodder-WilliamsYes
(initial)Rosie HarrisYesYes
(initial)Greg FalconerYesYes
(initial)Peter TullettYes
(initial)Paul BassiYesYes
(initial)Michael SharpYes
(initial)Gareth HironYesYes
(initial)Stuart WilliamsYes
(initial)David BarkerYesYesPACER
(initial)Joan WoodwardYesPACER
(initial)Dan FosterYes
(initial)Richard BysouthYesYesYes
(initial)Richard QuartermaineSECTION MARSHAL
(initial)Margaret Pearson DeightonYes
(initial)Simon AllfordYes
(initial)Phoebe ChanYes
(initial)Allan CheekRoving menace
(initial)Judy GuestYes
(initial)Amelie JonesYesYes
(initial)Suzannah KinsellaYes
(initial)Geoff TurnerYes
(initial)Ken MacsporranYes
(initial)Duncan RalphYesYesPACER
2024-01-30Nathan WebsterYes
(initial)Joe MatteiYesYes
(initial)George HarrisYesTrophy Man
(initial)Andy EamesYesYes
(initial)Michael KingYes
(initial)Andy PageCHIEF MARSHAL
(initial)Ed SteeleVOLUNTEER COORD
(initial)Nicola MorrisCAR PARK LEAD
(initial)Katie AllenSponsor
(initial)Hayden ThirkellYes
2024-02-11Sonja KingYesbaggage
(initial)Toby AyreYesYes
(initial)Kannan MahalingamYesYesYes
(initial)Kimberley WynterYesYes
(initial)Andrew JoadYesYesCan't allocate
(initial)Mark ScottYes
(initial)Carol TsangYesBusybody toilet person everything tail walker
(initial)Maria ZahariaYes
(initial)Jasmine FairmanYes
(initial)Paul SkeltonYes
(initial)Dalia SainsburyYes
(initial)Christina ShelleyYes
(initial)Vanda JamesYes
(initial)Kieran FitzpatrickYes
2024-02-13Anita Venezia YauYes
2024-02-08Julie McphersonYes
(initial)Saul HarrisYes
(initial)Marie BoltonYes
(initial)Jillian HolfordYes
(initial)Simon HolfordYesYes
(initial)Pete EamesYes
(initial)Elliot ChilesYesYes
(initial)Roy CarterYes
(initial)Aitor LuengoYes
(initial)Adrian RedfernYes
(initial)Gary OreillyYesYes
(initial)Mike StaddonYes
(initial)Martin HobbsYes
(initial)Eleanor HennebryYes
(initial)Eren MudurogluYes
(initial)Kevin BattellYes
(initial)Cordy KentYes
2024-02-13Louise RickettsYes
(initial)Chris WalmsleyYesYesPACER
(initial)Amanda SmithYes
(initial)Steve WellstesdYesYes
(initial)Joy CroucherYesYes
(initial)Janet BirdYesYes
(initial)Simon HowdenSECTION MARSHAL
(initial)Stuart CorkeSECTION MARSHAL
(initial)Tobyn YoungSECTION MARSHAL
(initial)David FrenchSECTION MARSHAL
(initial)Jane RylandSECTION MARSHAL
(initial)Adrian PaiseySECTION MARSHAL
(initial)Michael RussellYes
2024-01-30Clifford GrayYes
2024-01-30Dillon HobbsYesYes
2024-02-10Lynn BristowYesCannot assign anything
2024-01-30Jonathan Rickards
2024-02-04Eric SchofieldYesLEAD CAR ASSIST
2024-01-30Adam HowdenYes
2024-02-01Jules WardYesSWEEP CAR DRIVER
2024-02-01John BeeYesSWEEP CAR ASSIST
2024-02-01Jenny MainYes
2024-02-01Gareth ChapmanYesStart Van Man
2024-02-05Reuben WinterYes
2024-02-06Sarah CroninYes
2024-02-06Duncan EvansYes
2024-02-11Jacqui Brooks-BunnettYes
2024-02-13Ian MulheirnYesYes
2024-02-13Macy LiuYes
2024-02-14Jen ColesYesBackup TBC
2024-02-14Danny WinsonYesBackup TBC
2024-02-15Cathy GillYesBackup TBC
2024-02-17Tim BugeyaYesBackup TBC


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