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Run If you stated you’re running
Signs Signage 1st/2nd Feb
PreNum Pre-race number collection from St John’s swimming pool Thu-Sat
MSHL Race marshal
CP Car Park marshal on morning of race
HQ (Sat) Pre-race HQ setup from 3:30pm to 5:30pm Sat 16th
HQ (Sun) HQ setup/marshalling from 7:00am race day
HQ (Num) Race-day number collection – 7:45am race day
Start Start setup, 7am race day
Finish Finish setup, 7am race day
Water Water marshal
Driver / Assist Driving or passenger in race vehicles
Last Updated
HQ (Sat)
HQ (Sun)
HQ (Num)
Driver / Assist
Role Notes
29 Jan 11:18Danny WinsonYESYESYES
(initial)Andrew DeightonYESYESYES
31 Jan 07:19Richard MartinYESYES
(initial)Simon HolfordYESLead car driver
(initial)Catherine KinderYESTShirts and roaming marshal
(initial)Anne HolfordYES
(initial)Sam DrangaYES
(initial)Alex BlackallYES
(initial)Rose SawyerYesYESYES
(initial)Amanda SmithYESMedal + finish stuff with Dillon
(initial)Janet BirdYesYES
(initial)Stuart WilliamsYESDropout Car Driver
(initial)Hugh StephensonYesYES
(initial)Rosie HarrisYESYESHQ busybody!
(initial)Colin TimminsYesYESPACER 2:00
(initial)Michael KingYesYESYES
(initial)Sonja KingYESYES
(initial)Alan CollardYES
(initial)Joy CroucherYesYES
(initial)Stella RichardsonYES
(initial)Alex JeffreysYesYES
(initial)Robert BrophyYES
(initial)Chris PotterYesYES
29 Jan 11:17Rob HillYesYES
(initial)Bob LawrenceYESYESBaggage Bob
31 Jan 07:22John HepnerYESYESMarshal + CP as usual
(initial)Matt NewmanYesYES
(initial)Polly HaywoodYES
(initial)Margaret DeightonYES
(initial)Rob JonesYESYES
(initial)Suzannah KinsellaYESSweep car helper
(initial)Keith MitchellYES
(initial)Tom FoxYesYES
(initial)Nick PierceYES
(initial)Gem StilliardYesYES
(initial)Peter RichardsonYES
(initial)Geoff TurnerYesYESYESPACER 1:50
(initial)Steve AustinYES
(initial)Carol TsangYesYESHQ stuff
(initial)Simon HowdenYesYESYES
(initial)Richard QuartermaineYES
(initial)Neil ClarkHQ deputy
(initial)Darren BenthamYESYES
(initial)Hayley LarkinYesYES
(initial)Steve WellsteadYesYES
(initial)Oliver SmeedLast runner marshal
(initial)Jane RylandYES
(initial)Martin HobbsYesYES
(initial)James SarreSection Marshal
(initial)Jonathan SouthworthYesYES
(initial)Richard FrenchYesYESYES
(initial)Paul EamesYesYES
(initial)Ian BrackenYESBaggage
(initial)Toby FullerYesYES
(initial)Kate NaylorYES
(initial)Paul RoomeYES
07 Feb 19:39Kieran FitzpatrickYES
(initial)Cathy GillYES
(initial)Philip LongYES
(initial)Tom WoolleyYesYES
(initial)Ruth GrayYES
(initial)Nicky WhiteYesYESPACER 2:20
(initial)Duncan RalphYES
(initial)Tony LavenderYES
(initial)Nicola MorrisYESSweep car driver + HQ setup
(initial)Saul HarrisSection Marshal
(initial)Michael RussellYesYES
07 Feb 20:07Ben MuirYESNow a marshal
(initial)Andy PageYES
(initial)Anna AtkinsonYES
(initial)Gary OreillyYesYES
(initial)George HarrisSection Marshal
(initial)Tomas VnucakYES
(initial)Jane RoomeYESTshirts
(initial)Richard CarterYesYESPACER 1:40
(initial)Jon HodgeYES
(initial)Chris PageYES
(initial)Pete/Lucy EamesYES
(initial)June Edwardes-EvansYES
(initial)Kelvin Desmoyers-DavisYesYES
(initial)Joan WoodwardYES
(initial)Sue NorthcoteYES
(initial)Cas MorrisYESYES
(initial)Michael YoultonYES
(initial)Ross WoodsYesYESPACER 1:30
(initial)Craig ChapmanYesYESPACER 1:30
(initial)Andy EamesYesYESPACER 1:40
(initial)Alex HolmesYesYESPACER 1:50
(initial)Stuart McilwhamYesYESPACER 2:00
(initial)Clare AndrewYesYESPACER 2:10
(initial)Sarah FernsYesYESPACER 2:10
(initial)Roy CarterYES
06 Feb 11:58Ana-Maria GreenYesYES
(initial)Peter BurnsYES
(initial)Eric SchofieldYESLead car navigator
06 Feb 11:59Adam DennisYES
11 Feb 07:58Amanda BruneauPACER 2:20
(initial)Jillian HolfordYesYES
(initial)Colin RickettsYesYESUsual stuff around HQ/finish
29 Jan 15:04John BeeYESDrop out car helper + setup finish
29 Jan 18:04Andrew JoadYesYES
29 Jan 18:04Patrick BarehamYesYES
03 Feb 10:10Neil WitzYesNot available
03 Feb 10:09Michelle BradshawYESHelping HQ desk
03 Feb 10:09Rob WinterYES
06 Feb 12:01Katie TrowsdaleYESBaggage
06 Feb 12:04Lucille JoannesYES
03 Feb 10:09Fee (Will Levett)YES
03 Feb 18:11Paul GregoryYES
06 Feb 10:28Martin BriceYES
06 Feb 10:28Richard SumnerYES
08 Feb 18:49Lynne BristowYES
10 Feb 07:26Simon BarkerYES
10 Feb 07:29Amelie KarlssonYesYES
11 Feb 12:23Terry EverestYesYES
12 Feb 07:17Michael TullYesYES
13 Feb 08:18Paul HowardYES
26 Feb 06:21Simon AllfordTBD

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