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If anything is wrong, has changed or you aren’t listed here and want to help out, please let volunteer coordinator Ed Steele know urgently!


Run If you stated you’re running
Signs Signage from 5th/6th Feb LEAD – Andrew Howey
MSHL Race marshal LEAD – Andy Page
CarP Car Park marshal on morning of race LEAD – Nicola Morris 
HQ (Sat) Pre-race HQ setup from 3:30pm to 5:30pm Sat 16th LEAD – Adam Dennis 
HQ (Sun) HQ setup/marshalling from 7:00am race day LEAD – Adam Dennis 
HQ (Num) Race-day number collection – 7:45am race day  
Start Start setup, 7am race day LEAD – Andy Howey 
Finish Finish setup, 7am race day LEAD – Rich Carter 
Water Water marshal LEAD – Keith Mitchell 
Driver / Assist Driving or passenger in race vehicles  

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Last Updated
HQ (Sat)
HQ (Sun)
HQ (Num)
Driver / Assist
Role Notes
(initial)Terry EverestYesYES
(initial)Peter RichardsonYES
(initial)Stella RichardsonYES
(initial)Rosie HarrisYESYESYESTshirt HQ + st johns marshal
(initial)Andrew DeightonYES
08 Feb 10:53Jonathan HodgeYESWater station 1 with kids
(initial)Alex BlackallYesYES
(initial)Paul KrommYES
(initial)Rose SawyerYesYESPACER 2:10
(initial)Dave HadawayYesYESYES
(initial)Simon HolfordYesYESPACER 2:00
(initial)Jillian HolfordYesYESPACER 2:00
(initial)Robert J S LawrenceYESBaggage Lead
04 Feb 18:16Colin TimminsSECTION MARSHAL
10 Feb 07:53Ed FraserYES
(initial)Martin BriceYES
(initial)Elliot ChilesYesUnable to assign
(initial)Ian BrackenYESBaggage
(initial)Michele BradshawYESBaggage
10 Dec 09:59Emily MannersYES
(initial)Gem StilliardYesYESYESPACER 1:50
(initial)Hugh StephensonYesYES
(initial)Alan CollardYESFinish water fruit man
08 Feb 09:55Darren BenthamYESYESDROP OUT DRIVER
(initial)Nick PierceYES
(initial)Hannah RobertsYES
(initial)Carol TsangYESYESChief toilet lady + Sweep runner 1
(initial)Robin BarwickYesYES
(initial)Colin RickettsYES
(initial)Matt NewmanYesYESPACER 1:50
(initial)Jules WardYesYES
(initial)Peter BurnsYES
(initial)Sue BurnsYES
08 Feb 09:55Stuart WilliamsYESSWEEP DRIVER
(initial)Catherine KinderYESYESYESTshirt HQ + st johns marshal
(initial)Toby AyreYES
(initial)David WalshUnable to assign
(initial)Amelie KarlssonYesYES
(initial)Phil WatkinsYesYESYES
27 Jan 08:25Mike KingYesYESPACER 1:40
(initial)Michael RussellYesYES
(initial)Jack SummersYesYES
27 Jan 08:24Kelvin Desmoyers-DavisYesYES
29 Jan 19:43Ken MacsporranSECTION MARSHAL
(initial)Rob HillYesYES
(initial)Mike SharpYESBananaman with Alan
(initial)Alice MannersYes
(initial)Andrew ShepherdYesUnable to assign
(initial)Nathan WebsterYesYES
(initial)Gary OreillyYesYESYESPACER 2:10
26 Jan 18:17Richard BassettYesYES
10 Dec 09:59Richard QuartermaineSECTION MARSHAL
(initial)David WestonYesYESYES
(initial)Erica JonesYES
(initial)Geoff HurrellYES
(initial)Matt DisneyYES
(initial)Sonja KingYESYES
04 Feb 18:16John HepnerSECTION MARSHAL
(initial)Geoff TurnerYesYESYES
13 Feb 19:40Ali FarrallYESYES
(initial)Will SavageYES
29 Jan 19:42David FrenchSECTION MARSHAL
(initial)Hannah VanhinsberghYES
(initial)Ana GreenYES
(initial)Judy GuestYES
(initial)Jennifer ColesYES
(initial)Suzannah KinsellaYES
(initial)Clare MabbottYES
(initial)Chris PageYES
(initial)Philip LongYES
(initial)Simon AllfordYES
(initial)Craig ChapmanYesYESPACER 1:40
(initial)Mark ScottYES
(initial)Lucille JoannesYES
(initial)Andrew HallYES
(initial)John LawYES
(initial)Paul BassiYesYESYES
(initial)Ben MuirYES
27 Jan 08:18Susan CooperYESSweep Runner 2
12 Feb 17:15Julie McphersonYES
(initial)Tom HallYES
(initial)Andrew JoadYesYES
26 Jan 18:04Louise YoultonYES
(initial)Duncan RalphYES
(initial)Joy CroucherYesYES
(initial)Janet BirdYesYES
(initial)Casper MorrisYES
(initial)Dillon HobbsYesYES
29 Jan 10:27Lesley PageYes
(initial)Mike StaddonYES
04 Feb 18:16Stuart CorkeSECTION MARSHAL
(initial)Tracey StewartYES
(initial)Kieran FitzpatrickYesYES
04 Feb 18:16Jane RylandSECTION MARSHAL
(initial)Saul HarrisYesYESPACER 2:20
(initial)Martin HobbsYES
(initial)Danny WinsonYES
(initial)Allan CheekYESKeep Left Signs
10 Dec 09:59Simon WhitakerYES
31 Jan 09:05Carol KinsellaYES
(initial)Margaret DeightonYES
(initial)Adrian RedfernYES
10 Dec 09:59Caroline IvesYES
(initial)Ian MulheirnYesYES
10 Dec 09:59Kate WaddellYES
(initial)Steve WellsteadYesYES
(initial)Robert WinterYesYES
(initial)Peter EamesYES
(initial)Martin YardleyYES
11 Feb 20:06Roy Carter
(initial)Simon AlfordYES
(initial)Tara TaylorYES
(initial)Hayden ThirkellYES
13 Feb 14:15Quinton WoodYesYES
(initial)Tim BugeyaYESLEAD CAR DRIVER
(initial)Neil ClarkKeep Left Signs
10 Feb 07:53Cathy GillYES
(initial)Kim StanleyYES
10 Feb 07:52Amelia WickbornYES
(initial)Dave MahonYES
(initial)Kevin BattellYES
(initial)Harriet SinclairYES
(initial)Jocelyn MahonYES
(initial)Patrick GlencrossYES
(initial)Alison RibbonYES
13 Feb 11:49Andy KnightYES
(initial)Simon SwinnertonYes
(initial)Jenny RhodesYes
(initial)Tommo ReadmanYes
(initial)Jade BarrettYES


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