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RunIf you stated you’re running
SignsSignage from 5th/6th Feb
PreNumPre-race number collection from St John’s swimming pool Thu-Sat
MSHLRace marshal
CarPCar Park marshal on morning of race
HQ (Sat)Pre-race HQ setup from 3:30pm to 5:30pm Sat 16th
HQ (Sun)HQ setup/marshalling from 7:00am race day
HQ (Num)Race-day number collection – 7:45am race day
StartStart setup, 7am race day
FinishFinish setup, 7am race day
WaterWater marshal
Driver / AssistDriving or passenger in race vehicles
Last Updated
HQ (Sun)
HQ (Num)
Driver / Assist
Their Notes
My Notes
Role Notes
1Martin Brice(initial)martin.brice1@gmail.com07712 1857541YesPlan to run this year as I've helped for yonks and always come away thinking it'd be great to take part. Now I'm 70 it's "do or die". Mentioned this to Andy Howey and he said if necessary they'd let me start an hour before everyone else. "Cheeky bugger" i thought. But he knows me better than i know myself, Amirite? In previous years I've helped at the sports centre handing out the numbers in the week before the event.
2Samuel Bridger(initial)samuel.bridger1989@gmail.com07761 7667891YesYWeek commencing 12th Feb free pretty much every evening and can be about to help on the Saturday or Sunday morning before race commencesSat HQ setup?
3Alexandra Kerwin(initial)Alexandrakerwin1@gmail.com07950 4634281Yes
4Richard 9346621NoYHas advanced first aid trainingDROP OUT CAR DRIVER
5Paul Kromm(initial)paulkromm1910@gmail.com07979 1852261Yes
6Nick Pierce(initial)na.pierce@live.com07504 2832791NoYI"d like to keep doing what I"ve done in previous yearsNick has to attend to important family thing and leave at 11am
7Robin Barwick(initial)rb@barwickmedia.com07753 6104081YesI am happy to post pre-event signs again.
8Rob Hill(initial)rob.e.hill@me.com07722 4975181YesYI will be pacing, but happy to do the same car parking duty as last year!PACERPACER
9Colin Ricketts(initial) 1123351YesY
10Rose Sawyer2024-01-30rosesawyer@btinternet.com07789 3919851NoYI can do number collection but only on the Saturday before the race.No longer running
11Liz Hawker(initial)liz.hawker@me.com07809 4771841YesI asked to do race packs Friday/Saturday last year & somehow got missed! Please could I do that this year, ideally rather than race morning? Thank you!
12Catherine Kinder(initial) 7634351NoYYSame as previous - , t shirt set up Sat and Sun am then a marshaling position along last mile/St Johns. Thanks!
13Craig Chapman(initial)craigandtamara2010@gmail.com07796 3001171YesYHappy to do what I’ve done beforePACERPACER
14Al Marsh(initial)alexmarsh1984@gmail.com07846 6187441YesBasically anything that allows me to still run in the race
15Michèle Bradshaw(initial) 5448601NoYSame as previous years . Early race day start HQ. Start to set up baggage collection area then Late entries and number collection then move back to baggage collection area to get dropped bags sorted . Any other odd jobs and the results running from finish to hall and help hand back baggage and then general hall clear up and any other jobs.Baggage maybeHQ / Baggage
16Lucille Joannes(initial)Lucillej@btinternet.com07702 9775901YesY
17Mark Joannes(initial)Mark.joannes@btinternet.com07728 9153011NoYWould prefer car parking (has done it before)!
18Hugh Hennebry2024-02-08hughhennebry1@gmail.com07436 1165521NoYI'm happy to do whatever is needed. Thank you for doing everything you are doing!
19Rob Jones(initial)Ultrabobban1@gmail.com07809 6215721NoYHappy to put signs up and take down….done that in the past. Happy to do marshalling duty but will have my 2 little ones with me so as near to Newlands in Langton as possible as my wife is running the half so I’m on dad duties.
20Dave Hadaway(initial)dave.hadaway@sky.com07729 3175321NoYCan do scaffolding at start ,marshal at start , help in finish area.
21Peter Burns(initial)Peterburns@compuserve.com07769 8017131NoY2x Marshalls Pos41 Poundsbridge road and pos42 SwaylandsSue is now a driver
22Phil Watkins(initial)wottersuk@gmail.com07879 6329641NoYI put up the signs in Langton Green last year, happy to do so again. I ran in the last two races but am not running this year so would like to help out at HQ if at all possible
23Paul Ketterer(initial)Paulketterer99@gmail.com07939 4626921NoYNo longer running
24Ali Farrall(initial)Alifarrall@hotmail.com07612 0027321YesYLast year I sort of helped with signs - happy to do that again. Running (hopefully) so happy to do anything else that fits in
25Deb Stamp2024-02-04Debstamp@msn.com07733 2628461NoY
26Darren Bentham(initial)darren.bentham@icloud.com07734 3251031NoYI honestly don't mind - what ever is most useful. Last couple of years Have driven one of the cars and previously marshalled. I am also available on the Friday before the race if we are still doing race. number collection from the leisure centre?LEAD CAR DRIVER
27Kelvin Desmoyers-Davis(initial)kelvin.davis@outlook.com07835 0523231YesYAvailable on race day up until around 08:30 AM
28Mark Godsalve(initial)markgodsalve@btinternet.com07735 5860201YesYHQ Setup - Saturday
29Alistair Reid(initial)alistair.reid@gmail.com07920 1384321YesYAlso available Thurs/Fri/Sat in Race Week to man the number collection table.
30Geoff Hurrell(initial)geoff_hurrell@hotmail.com07906 4348631NoY
31Matt Disney(initial)matt.disney101@gmail.com07802 8082671NoAssisting Nicola Morris with carparkingCAR PARK LEADCAR PARK LEAD
32Andrew Deighton(initial)adtwharriers@gmail.com07770 6435041NoAs you know I’ll be doing Race Control/Comms but will be there early on race day so can help set up (I’m away skiing until Sat so can’t do anything in run up unfortunately).Help setup on morning? Will be busy in comms car when that arrives
33Simon Swinnerton(initial)simonswinnerton@gmail.com07704 0509991NoY
34Colin Timmins(initial)colintimmins8@gmail.com07973 1986201YesY
35Susan Cooper(initial)misssuecooper4@aol.com07950 3913051YesY
36Tev Austin(initial)ostragoth@gmail.com07851 3921071NoY
37Gem Stilliard(initial)gemhowell@hotmail.com07904 7152301YesYHappy to do same as last year
38James O'Dwyer(initial)jhodwyer@googlemail.com07738 9620111YesYPlanning to race, but willing to drop out if you're desperate for marshalls/water station etc
39Benjamin Mills2024-02-04benjaminmills43@gmail.com07960 6933181NoY
40Pete Holmes(initial)p.j.g.holmes@gmail.com07815 5747421YesY
41Ana-Maria Green(initial)anagreen2012@gmail.com07795 5288581NoYPlease can I preferably have the marshal position I’ve had at Boyne Park. Last year you put me by the BP garage. I’d prefer Boyne Park if at all possible. Thank you.
42Alex Reid(initial)alexjreid1990@gmail.com07388 2188591YesYCan be stand by 90min pacerPACERPACER
43Harry Doyle(initial)harryd@gmail.com07519 1614361YesY
44Ashley Wallace(initial)ashley.wallace1989@gmail.com07983 5517571NoY
45Sue Burns2024-01-30Suecavina@gmail.com07796 8346921NoYYSwaylands exit (next to Pete)Now in a vehicleDROP OUT CAR ASSIST
46Matt Newman2024-02-14mattnewman1979@hotmail.com07801 1051451YesYBackup car park person
47Amelie Karlsson(initial)Amelie.karlsson271@googlemail.com07415 8539391YesY
48Maria Gandara(initial)maria@mariagandara.com07976 2499631YesI’m happy to help on days before the race
49Charley Connor(initial)charlotteadiseshiah@yahoo.com07749 7081411NoY
50Ben Muir(initial)benmjmuir@gmail.com07946 5774101NoYBasically everything I've ticked I think Ed!Finish!
51Alex Jeffreys(initial)
52Anthony Brown(initial)Anthonypbrown@gmail.com07909 8159161NoYHappy to do anything. Except for run as fast as I can up Spring Hill. I’m taking a pass on that this year! Ideally something that doesn’t take out all of Sunday.
53Stella Richardson(initial)stella.richardson@outlook.com07753 2430612NoYTop of Dornden with PeterWith Peter R
54Sam Dranga(initial)Samdranga@gmail.com07574 8747721NoYTail walker
55Clare Hodder-Williams2024-02-04clarehw@icloud.com1NoYYes, please, bridge shortly before Spring HillFilling in for John Hepner
56Rosie Harris(initial)rosieharris74@gmail.com07879 6346661NoYYTshirts, marshalling, all the usual Ed, you know where & when!
57Greg Falconer(initial)G.n.falconer@gmail.com07517 9249471YesYHappy to help on race day - planning to race myself. Cheers
58Peter Tullett(initial)peter.tullett7@btinternet.com01892 5313351NoYMarshalling position would need to be walkable - either near start or finish
59Paul Bassi(initial)paul@paulbassi.com07825 7422211YesY
60Michael Sharp(initial)michael.sharp13@btinternet.com07951 8210331NoYWould prefer to work on Alan Collard's team as per last year
61Gareth Hiron(initial)gareth.hiron@googlemail.com07815 1864071YesY
62Stuart Williams(initial)stuart176@btinternet.com07813 7831011NoY
63David Barker(initial)d10barker@gmail.com07796 1782701YesYI'm running as a pacerPACERPACER
64Joan Woodward(initial) 1545521YesI will be available to help thurs to sat alsoPACERPACER
65Dan Foster(initial)dancarrickfoster@gmail.com07941 0253111YesI’m running the race but am happy and available to help before or after/the day before if needed
66Richard Bysouth(initial)richard.bysouth@gmail.com07514 8128221YesY
67Richard Quartermaine(initial)richardquartermaine@hotmail.com07305 6231721NoSection marshal as per 2023SECTION MARSHALSECTION MARSHAL
68Margaret Pearson Deighton(initial)margaretpdeighton@gmail.com07774 8331361NoY
69Simon Allford(initial)simon.allford@btinternet.com07837 2133811NoYAt the moment I'm available to help in the days leading up to the race, but not on Saturday 17th
70Phoebe Chan(initial)phoebechanhl@gmail.com07510 5948171NoYHQ/finish?
71Allan Cheek(initial)cheekallan@gmail.com07803 5029721NoHi Ed. I offered my services to Mr Y on the day as a roving troubleshooter and became involved in a plethora of activities. If he found this useful I'm happy to repeat.Roving menaceRoving menace
72Judy Guest(initial) 2094411NoYCould I have my usual marshal position at Royal Wells Hotel Mount Ephraim. As in previous 6 years my parkrun friend Mark, will pop out to help me for a short time as he lives opposite. We will bring our own parkrun high viz.
73Amelie Jones(initial)Amelie.d13@gmail.com07827 7790851YesY
74Suzannah Kinsella(initial)suzannahjkinsella@hotmail.com07783 7581461NoYEnjoyed my role last year at start set up and finish.
75Geoff Turner(initial)geoffturner1@hotmail.com07985 9776341NoI'm away 17-24th Feb (sorry)
76Ken Macsporran(initial)kenmacsporran@hotmail.com07967 0951621NoYi have previously taken challenging junctions and been section marshal, so happy to take on one of the harder places. If i can squeeze it in, previously i also did race numbers on the morning in the sports hall then dashed out on my bike to do marshalling after
77Duncan Ralph(initial)duncan.robert.ralph@gmail.com07970 1909551YesYI am now pacing 2:20PACERPACER
78Nathan Webster2024-01-30nathan7webster@hotmail.com07557 3312801NoY
79Joe Mattei(initial)joemattei@gmail.com07725 4165541YesY
80George Harris(initial)winnhes@gmail.com07846 8558091YesI will be doing the awards/trophies presentation after the race, with Michael Youltonbackup carparksTrophy Man
81Andy Eames(initial) 3632211Yes
82Michael King(initial)Mikeking_uk@hotmail.com07951 0637901NoY
84Andy Page(initial)andypage18@hotmail.com07875 675454NoCHIEF MARSHALLJust for TSHIRTCHIEF MARSHAL
85Ed Steele(initial)NoJust for TSHIRTVOLUNTEER COORD
86Nicola Morris(initial)NoJust for TSHIRTCAR PARK LEAD
87Katie Allen(initial)NoGave presentation for us, tshirt onlySponsor
88Hayden Thirkell(initial)Haydenthirkell@hotmail.com07809 2084021NoYPrevious years marshalled on fordcombe hill- happy to do the same
89Sonja King2024-02-11sonja_gabriel@hotmail.com07793 8257511NoYWill have the children with me on the Sundaybaggage
90Toby Ayre(initial)tobyayre@gmail.com07986 6507871YesY
91Kannan Mahalingam(initial)mpkannan16@gmail.com07341 2392621YesY
92Kimberley Wynter(initial)kimberley.wynter@outlook.com07387 0739911NoY
93Andrew Joad(initial) 2053131NoYGot to leave by 830am, Sunday. Available in afternoon from 2pm.Can't be allocated anything on dayCan't allocate
94Mark Scott(initial)mascott514@aol.com07793 2206971NoYI have marshalled top of Spring Hill and would be happy to do so again if that helps.
95Carol Tsang(initial) 5805121NoYSet up Sunday morning. Toilet duty. Tail walker. Pack up post race.Busybody toilet person everythingBusybody toilet person everything tail walker
96Maria Zaharia(initial) 1953121NoYWith the Birketts Team
97Jasmine Fairman(initial)jasfairman@gmail.com07794 3580481NoYI am from Birketts LLP and I would like to help with the event, I have run in previous cross country races but I have not marshalled before. Thank you.
98Paul Skelton(initial) 1279911NoYPart of Birketts TeamBIRKETTS
99Dalia Sainsbury(initial) 2806631NoYI am part of Birketts LLP teamBIRKETTS
100Christina Shelley(initial) 3334721NoYI am part of the Birketts TeamBIRKETTS
101Vanda James(initial) 1546951NoYI am a Partner at Birketts and we are sponsoring the eventBIRKETTS
102Kieran Fitzpatrick(initial)Kieranfitzpatrick@hotmail.com07708 5355741NoYAble to help out on race day
103Anita Venezia Yau2024-02-13Anitaveneziayau@gmail.com07778 7641881NoYI'm happy to do more than one thing on race day Ed, got the t shirt as they say!
104Julie Mcpherson2024-02-08julie.mcpherson17@btinternet.com07961 5763101NoY
105Saul Harris(initial)saulharris76@gmail.com07815 7779671NoY
106Marie Bolton(initial) out at parkrun a lot
107Jillian Holford(initial)j.a.holford@gmail.com07973 3824661NoYOnly available until 12:30
108Simon Holford(initial)simon.holford@gmail.com07971 2840681NoYYHappy to take over number collection when runners/pacers need to leave. Fill in as needed before then.
109Pete Eames(initial)Pete Eames07442 1620281NoYUsually one of the positions in or near Bidborough
110Elliot Chiles(initial)philosopherchiles95@gmail.com07703 1858681YesY
111Roy Carter(initial)royjcarter@hotmail.com1NoYtop of the coach road or Tea Garden Lane, has marshalled loads beforeI have contacted just to confirm
112Aitor Luengo(initial)Aitor.luengo9@gmail.com07980 6197411NoYI haven't got a car, just so you know.
113Adrian Redfern(initial)adrianjedfern@gmail.com07780 2229191NoYPositioned at Rustall Coach Road in 2023
114Gary Oreilly(initial)Tradpoint@sky.com07702 4843841Yes
115Mike Staddon(initial)
116Martin Hobbs(initial)martindhobbs@gmail.com1NoYUp for anything but please not something like Major Yorks again ...
117Eleanor Hennebry(initial)eleanor.hennebry@gmail.com07842 2244301NoYMedically trained
118Eren Muduroglu(initial)erenforesters@gmail.com07931 5508191NoYIf possible could I marshal with Mark Scott (he is my neighbour and we can travel together)
119Kevin Battell(initial)kevin.battell@hotmail.com07903 8001791NoYCrowborough tri & Runners members, plus a race adjudicator
120Cordy Kent(initial) 2752211NoY
121Louise 2025911NoY
122Chris Walmsley(initial) 3272851YesYI am pacing on race day but happy to come early and do anything that helps before the racePACERPACER
123Amanda Smith(initial) 5828161NoYI previously have handed out the medals which was nice but I don’t really mind. Would like to be somewhere near the finish…I could maybe marshal (with Martin) early on in the course? Would like to see the first finishers.
124Steve Wellstesd(initial)steve_wellstead@hotmail.com07796 6405671YesYSt Johns Primary School Car Park please!
126Joy Croucher(initial)Joycroucher@aol.com07892 7011761YesYPreviously done parking at Masonic hall - pls can I be assigned there
127Janet Bird(initial)janetbirdies@aol.com07929 7481241YesYMasonic hall car park
134Michael Russell(initial)mikethewookie@gmail.com07411 3888161NoY
135Clifford Gray2024-01-30Clifford.gray65@gmail.com07887 8503031NoYYesNo Longer running
136Dillon Hobbs2024-01-30dillonahobbs@outlook.com07548 6517611YesY
137Lynn Bristow2024-02-10blynne162@gmail.com1YesCannot assign anything
138Jonathan Rickards2024-01-301NoGot flu
139Eric Schofield2024-02-041NoYLEAD CAR ASSIST
140Adam Howden2024-01-30adamhowden@yahoo.com07387 1900681NoYSomething with Simon?
141Jules Ward2024-02-01ward_julian@hotmail.com07967 7082901NoYSWEEP CAR DRIVER
142John 7082901NoYSWEEP CAR ASSIST
143Jenny Main2024-02-01Jenny_main@gmail.com07939 4626933NoYI am with two teenage boys (12&14) who also keen to help with me. Water station would be perfect so can use all 3 of us in the same spot. But if full then road marshalling is ok also.Wife of Paul Ketterer
Is a very experienced race marshal at multi-stage XC events
144Gareth Chapman2024-02-01grchapman84@gmail.com07725 1226941NoYHappy to do whatever. I was planning on running but I’ve got a foot injury so will be free for the race duration. Gareth (new harrier)Start Van Man
145Reuben Winter2024-02-05Reuben.winter@hotmail.com07743 8162701NoYPut in David French's section
147Sarah Cronin2024-02-06sarahcronin8@gmail.com07793 8228651NoYI live on Boyne Park so would prefer somewhere towards the end of the race, but I could cycle to other parts.
148Duncan Evans2024-02-06duncanevans123@gmail.com07540 6668761NoYMy daughter can help too
149Jacqui Brooks-Bunnett2024-02-11jacquibrooks96@gmail.com07719 4767191YFriend of Martin Brice, has marshalled race before
150Ian Mulheirn2024-02-13ian.mulheirn@gmail.com07966 5175671YesYLast year I did race number collection on the day but happy to do something else if needed
151Macy Liu2024-02-13liumei13627@gmail.com07522 1802561NoY
152Jen Coles2024-02-14jennifer.coles3@gmail.com07557 8727261NoYBackup TBC
153Danny Winson2024-02-14danielwinson21@gmail.com07503 7701601NoYBackup TBC
154Cathy 2117651NoYBackup TBC
155Tim Bugeya2024-02-17bugeya@gmail.com07973 6917471NoYBackup TBC

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