TWH XC Champs, Hargate Forest – Report & Results

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On the morning of Saturday 26th March, we held the postponed TWH Club XC Champs in Hargate Forest, the last event of a very active 2021-22 XC season.  A week of sunny weather and unseasonably mild temperatures meant that there was not as much mud as in some years, but there was still enough to provide a challenge ;-).
Dillon Hobbs charged out of the start and maintained a significant lead throughout the race to win overall.  Cathy Gill, having decided that it was about time she won something, put in a strong performance to finish as first woman.
Special mention to Simon Howden who turned up on his birthday but unfortunately had to pull out after the first lap.  Also well done to Carol for making it to the finish and who, had we handicapped the race based on the amount of alcohol consumed the previous night, would have been the clear winner!!
Many thanks to Andy Howey for sorting out all the organisation, including setting the course and doing the timing.
1st Man — Dillon Hobbs
1st Woman — Cathy Gill
F35 — Sonja King
F45 — Jillian Holford
M40 — James Sarre
M50 — Martin Hobbs
There were no F55, M60 or M70 runners so these trophies will not be awarded.
1Dillon HOBBSMSen35:021st Man
2James SARREM4038:301st M40
3Mike STADDONMSen38:45
4Cathy GILLFSen41:281st Woman
5Alex BLACKALLMSen42:32
6Martin HOBBSM5043:381st M50
7George HARRISM4043:49
8Jillian HOLFORDF4544:481st F45
9Andy JOADM5044:53
10Chris WALMSLEYM5045:24
11Hayden THIRKELLMSen45:56
12Terry EVERESTM4046:25
13Rob WINTERM4046:42
14Alan COLLARDM5046:56
15Mike RUSSELLM5049:39
16Neil SIMMONDSM5050:10
17Matt NEWMANM4053:17
18Sonja KINGF3557:191st F35
19Carol TSANGF4561:56
Simon HOWDEN (DNF – completed 1 lap)
Photos from this morning can be found in the gallery on the club website as well as in the Facebook group.
The cross country season has now drawn to a close. We are putting together a season review which we will circulate to the club soon.  In the meantime, enjoy your road racing and we look forward to starting again in October.
Simon & Jillian
TWH XC Captains