TWH Scrapbook

Evening Harriers

Earlier in the summer, we were contacted by Kate Cage, our first club secretary, who wished to donate to us a scrapbook she had put together in the early days of the club.

Back when we were known as Tunbridge Wells Runners, she documented the various activities of the club, race performances and other items such as the original members’ welcome letter and the first club newsletter.

The scrapbook is a goldmine of club history but won’t stand up to 200+ Harriers thumbing through it. To that end, I have digitised the pages and Ed Steele has put these together in a photo album on the club website. You can find it here:

The scrapbook also contained the original membership list but to avoid falling foul of GDPR I have not included this.

We are hoping to arrange for Kate to come and speak to us one Wednesday night after the club run. In the meantime enjoy spending time browsing through the scrapbook.

Kind regards
Simon Holford