TWH run – 3rd January 2024 – New year, new plans ?

Club Events
Greetings Harriers,
New running resolutions ?
Well, if your festive period consisted of …..
… then Wednesday nights with the Harriers are for you. Whether you want to go fast or slow, long or short, the Harriers will have plenty for you over the next few weeks.
Some might be doing Dry January or Run Every Day Drink Every Day January (a tall charming bearded man can give details and advice).
Others might be tempted down the path of Veganuary and perhaps a brave sole may be tempted to follow the Ed Steele Run Fast Drink Faster marathon training plan (subscribe for full details).
If you’re like me,  you might just be content to run a bit more and consume a bit less.

This week’s run is a repeat of one James Smith set for us in October 2010. Old “Nine Pints”, who has been a member for almost 20 years, ran for the club over all distances. Despite being built for comfort rather than speed he completed several outstanding marathons and was frequently seen propping up the bar on a Wednesday night. If he had been here, I’m sure he would wax lyrical about how he use to speed up Cleveland and Sausage Factory Hill (in the pre Strava era, so no evidence !)

So, with James as this week’s Routemaster , fasten your seat belts and let’s go …..we leave down Warwick Park and run an anti-clockwise circuit around Tunbridge Wells.

The full route is 6.6 miles and the shorter route 4.8 miles – something for everyone.

This week’s route is mostly well lit but please try and stay in groups as much as possible, looking out especially for guests, newer members and wear something bright with a head torch an optional accessory.
Map and GPX attached.
There is also a walking group that sets off at the same time so if you’re injured, tired or just fancy a walk with friends come along.
Current forecast for Wednesday is for a dry and not too chilly 8C.
The Nevill is closed for repair for several months, so we will continue to utilise the fine facilities of the Nevill Tennis Club next door to us for baggage and post run showers followed by our post-run refreshment. Turnout has been great and we want to keep that going.
So after the run head back to the tennis club – the perfect temporary home for the top seeds of Kent running.
The ideal place to relax and chill. 
Its tennis Jim, but not as we know it.
7:30 prompt start from the Tennis Club Bar – Tennis Club change rooms and showers are open, then its afters upstairs at the Tennis Club Bar – it’s time to commit !