TWH run – Wednesday 28th February 2024

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Greetings Harriers
My ski season is now over, so this week we manage the sweet spot between TW HM glory and the next KGP event, Paddock Wood Half Marathon, this Sunday.
No much happy news to report, but one thing did catch my eye – “Indian runaway train travels 43 miles without a driver” – doesn’t Tara run further than that most weekends (no train needed) ?
This week we are inspired by ….
Austin Metro
Austin Powers

Six Million Dollar Man (aka Steve Austin)
Yes, you guessed it, this week we have a route from our very own Steve Austin, that he set for us a while back, when he was king of the road not king of the dance floor on the rave scene.
So, with Steve as this week’s Routemaster , fasten your seat belts and let’s go ……as we head NW to the other side of the Pembury Bypass and then back through the industrial estate before a return to the Nevill. A club favourite.
Whether you are returning from skiing, preparing for Paddock Wood, marathon training or just want to run with your friends, there is something for you.
The long route is 8 miles with a medium route of 6.6 miles and a short route 4.6 miles – there is a Goldilocks route for you.
This week’s route is mostly well lit but please try and stay in groups as much as possible, looking out especially for guests, newer members and wear something bright with a head torch an optional accessory (especially for Blackhurst Lane)
Current forecast for Wednesday is for a dry and mild 7C.
Map and GPX attached.
There is also a walking group that sets off at the same time. So if you’re injured, tired or just want to join the Soul Train, come along and walk with friends.
The Nevill is closed for repair for several months, so we will continue to utilise the fine facilities of the Nevill Tennis Club next door to us for baggage and post run showers followed by our post-run refreshment. Turnout has been great and we want to keep that going.
So after the run head back to the tennis club – the perfect temporary home for the top seeds of Kent running.
The ideal place to knock back a few lime and sodas while in training.
As a bonus, after the run in the tennis club, we WON’T be doing a short presentation on the England Athletics Club Standards.
7:30 prompt start from the Tennis Club Bar – Tennis Club change rooms and showers are open, then its afters upstairs at the Tennis Club Bar – it’s time to commit !
If anyone has an idea for a route please get in contact – all contributions welcome.
Geoff Turner