TWH Run – Wed 16th Aug 2023 – Gordon’s

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The weather is thankfully more clement but the nights are quickly drawing in, there’s just enough time to fit in another trail run. As my knee is kind of working again Geoff has put me in charge of the bus again.
We will be heading a slightly revised route up to Frant church and then diverging depending on your love of softer ground or wanting a shorter option.
The full route is 6.5 miles and takes in Gordon’s muddy path, thus some kind of trail shoe recommended, before heading back up through Hargate forest.
There is a shortcut option to take it down to 5 miles and less mud/fun
GPX files attached below, will try and bring some printouts of both routes
File photo of Hargate forest swimming pool section (canal corner)
Bar open
Bengal open
It’s time to drink etc etc