TWH run – 25th January 2023 – Australia day (almost)

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Greetings Harriers, Veganuarians and Dry Januarians
Leave your mock chicken and alcohol-free beer behind. It’s Australia day on the 26th, but by the time we are running on Wednesday evening the Clemenati will have run, swam and cycled from one side of Melbourne to the other before their Australia Day breakfast in the summer sunshine. So its prawns on the barbie and ice-cold cans of Fosters all round.
Show us that 6-pack Sally (no, I meant the beer) ….
By now you will have read about the amazing performances in Canterbury. How do you recover from that you may ask, ANZAC biscuits of course (plus a portion of Chef Barwick’s magic potion)
For the rest of you, it is business as usual.
This week’s run is a repeat of one that former member Alice Heather-Hayes set for us a while back.
So, with “Who the **** is Alice ?” as this week’s Routemaster 🚌, fasten your seat belts and let’s go ……no Ramslye or Rusthall as this week we stay within the confines of central Tunbridge Wells, but we will aim to reconquer Ice Mountain again (Major Yorks road to those who are new to TW).
The full route is 7.5 miles with a shorter route of 4.9 miles – something for everyone.
This week’s route is mostly well lit but please try and stay in groups as much as possible, looking out, especially for guests, and newer members and wear something bright with a head torch an optional accessory (might be handy for Castle Road).
The current forecast for Wednesday is for a dry and chilly 1C.
Tea Total Trevor is hosting us in the bar afterwards, selling the finest beer (Harveys), wine and soft drinks in the immediate vicinity, at special prices, with his crack sidekick, Rocky.
7:30 prompt start from the Nevill – change rooms, showers and bar all open – it’s time to commit!
Geoff Turner