TWH Quiz Night 2022 – Results


Hiya All

First of all, I should like to thank all of you that took part in TWH Quiznight 2022 and my two helpers, Ian and Richard, who managed to keep up-to-date with the scoring system allowing us to complete the event in about two hours which was probably a PB.

I now have to apologise for an omission in one of the answers. It says in the Benny Hill song that “You won’t forget Ernie” – Well, I did. I forgot that Ernie – the fastest Milkman in the west – drove a horse by the name of Trigger and should have been an allowable answer in the round “Going for a Ride”. During the audit of the results I have, therefore, adjusted the resulting scores, where appropriate Fortunately, this error did not affect the outcome and Andy, Kim and Chris came through the ordeal as Quiz 2022 champions.

I have attached the final 2022 table of scores for your information and I look forward to compiling the next Quiz night for 2023.


Bob L

Quiz 2022 – Final Results