TWH – look great, run fast !

Hi Harriers
Worried your current running wardrobe isn’t quite up to scratch?
Men, starting to wonder if you are standing out for the wrong reasons?
The Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP out jogging around St James Park on Tuesday morning.

Ladies, wondering if your running might not save the world?

Girly Run - TV Tropes

Well wonder no more, the Harriers can get you on the path to running success.

There is a superb range of club branded kit for sale online at PB Teamwear.

You can’t buy your deckchair here (go to the Running Hub for that) but you can buy a nice range of hoodies (£23/£28), track pants (£38), caps, beanies and bags, all at reasonable prices.

What better way to turn up to running races, scare off your opponents and impress your teammates.
Perfect for keeping warm at cross country events and the long zips on the trousers make getting in and out of them with shoes on very easy.
Order them online and they only take about 3 or 4 weeks to be produced and delivered to your door.
Lots of Harriers have already bought some of the kit, so why don’t you?

Geoff Turner