TWH – 5k Handicap – FINAL Results and OVERALL WINNERS


44 of you completed three or four events and were entered into the analysis for the overall winner. For those that completed all four events, the best three variances were used.

Some fantastic race #4 times against expectation really changed the overall positions.

And the winner is Carol Tsang with a total three race variance of -169 seconds. CONGRATULATIONS
Second was Joan Woodward at -121 seconds, with Gary O’Reilly third one second behind.

Hope everyone enjoyed the racing – if not the hills. It was a pleasure to create some running interest (albeit virtual) for all harriers when we weren’t able to meet up as we usually enjoy doing.


Overall summary below.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Club Handicapper


Carol Tsang -169
Joan Woodward -121
Gary O’Reilly -120
Andrew Deighton -115
Amanda Smith -113
Colin Timmins -110
Amanda Bruneau -74
Lesley Page -68
Tomas Vnucak -64
James Chandler -60
Lucille Joannes -59
Sonja King -58
Anthony Brown -48
Ollie Stride -41
Nicola Morris -19
Richard Martin -15
Lizzie Fox -8
James Sarre 2
Ana Green 25
Jane Ryland 29
Rose Sawyer 34
Matt Newman 38
Richard Carter 42
Andy Eames 45
George Harris 45
Joy Croucher 53
Andy Page 73
Mike King 78
Janet Bird 83
Saul Harris 84
Andy Howey 91
Simon Allford 101
Hugh Stephenson 103
Kate Naylor 115
Rob Winter 115
Alex Holmes 118
Mike Cardall 118
Katie Trowsdale 125
Dillon Hobbs 129
Gemma Stilliard 137
Phil Long 172
Hayley Larkin 177
Rob Hill 240
Martin Brice 618