TWH 2023 Club Grand Prix Trophy after 4 (of 10) events

Club Events
Hi Harriers
Sunshine, fish and chips and the Folkestone 10 Mile

21 Harriers competed in pleasant conditions in Folkestone on Friday with all the usual (and unusual) suspects performing well.

Results for the Folkestone 10 Mile are as follows:-

   Time   %
Dillon Hobbs00:54:2080.98
Keith Mitchell01:00:0378.63
Geoff Turner01:09:3877.36
Ali Farrall01:13:2576.45
Dave Weston00:59:1375.35
Alex Holmes01:03:1174.73
Nicola Morris01:19:3072.32
Joy Croucher01:32:5371.53
Saul Harris01:11:1670.92
Lucille Joannes01:36:3670.78
Andy Joad01:15:5069.72
Gemma Stilliard01:16:5668.40
Colin Ricketts01:17:1868.40
Amanda Smith01:25:5367.78
Andrew Deighton01:18:1366.98
Rob Hill01:16:4566.44
Duncan Ralph01:20:3464.44
Ana-Maria Green01:36:1962.77
Janet Bird01:47:5161.60
Robert Winter01:17:4560.23
Paul Kromm01:40:4957.19
There was also the small matter of the Bromley Vets 5 Mile Cross Country race held on 26th March.
Performances were very modest by road standards as this was a very muddy and undulating XC event – a bit of a surprise for a Kent road racing series !
     Time   %
Dave Hadaway00:38:0467.33
Alex Holmes00:35:2266.29
Geoff Turner00:40:4665.06
Clifford Gray00:41:0762.86
Nicola Morris00:45:4761.97
Lucille Joannes00:55:5960.78
Terry Everest00:46:3548.82
Not surprisingly Dillon and Liam are battling it out for the overall title.
The remaining events in the Grand Prix are:-
May 21st – Chislehurst Half Marathon –

July 16th – Mid Kent 5 miles –
Sep 17th – Larkfield 10k (Kent Champs) –

Oct 1st – Sittingbourne 10 miles –

It’s time to commit. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃♂️
The club road Grand Prix Trophy is designed to encourage Harriers to race more often, and on equal terms with all other members as the results are adjusted for age and gender. Each race of the ten Kent Grand Prix series counts towards our club road grand prix with a percentage result based on finishing time, age and gender. This percentage is calculated according to the 2015 WAVA scale. The winner is the runner with the best score at the end of the season, that is the average of their best six percentages over the series.
Age graded Percentage guidelines:-
100% Approximate world record level
Above 90% World Class Level
Above 80% National Class Level
Above 70% Regional Class Level

Above 60% Local Class Level



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