Tunbridge Wells Harriers News


Evening all.

Thought I’d send out a quick update on things going on, or coming up in the club.

Firstly, it’s been great to see the turnouts at the first two Kent League Cross Country events. Lots of established and new members getting involved across all race categories and hopefully that will continue for the rest of the season.

It was also good to see so many members at the last of this years 40th Anniversary events, with the commemorative race/run on Forest Way last Sunday. It feels like we’ve recognised the anniversary well over the course of the year, with the photo, summer run, t-shirts etc.

We’ve now got the 40th anniversary club photo framed, along with a couple of others from the club history and will be updating our wall in the Nevill Pavilion shortly, so do keep your eyes out.

One matter that we need to catch up is the awarding of the Cornell Medal, which is the clubs most prestigious award. It was last awarded in 2017 having been awarded every year -bar one – since 1987, so the previous winners are coming up with nominations for the last four years and they’ll be announced as soon as they’re all agreed.

After another really good Eridge 10 last month, with thanks to Andy Howey for all his organising, we now look forward to our Half Marathon, with Michael Youlton as the new Race Director. It’s actually the 40th anniversary of the first race organised by Tunbridge Wells Runners in 1983, which had 53 entrants! We’ll have a lot more and as always, there will be lots of support needed from everyone in the club, but for now, just have the date in your diary. Sunday 19th February 2023.

Well done to everyone running, marshalling or supporting the London Marathon last month. Later this month we’ll be sending out the application criteria for our 2023 club London Marathon places, which we’ll have to draw earlier than usual because of the entry deadlines, so the Teapot of Doom will be on a Wednesday in early December.

We’ve got a few events coming up on both the racing and social front before the end of the year but we’ll be into 2023 before too long. The committee are aiming to publish a calendar of events for next year, along with some background for our newer members, so we can keep getting the good attendance at activities that we’ve had recently.

One plea, now that our Wednesday club runs will be on darker nights. The health and safety of all members is everyone’s collective responsibility and as a committee we’ve got some actions underway to support this – details to follow. Please do wear hi-viz or reflective clothing for all your night time runs and consider a head torch too.

Finally, congratulations to Liam White, who has been recognised for his consistently great running, by being selected to represent Kent at a 10k race, later this month.

See you all tonight,