Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon – Volunteer Drive #4

Half Marathon
Sorry to send another one of these so soon, but after going through the lists of people the situation is looking tough at the moment.
Of a club of over 300 people, I’ve only had responses from 92 harriers/friends/family and 44 of those are running
We can scrape by with around 70 non-runners so we are well off this at the moment.
76 harriers are running this year and this is already 20 up on 2023.
I don’t want to discourage people from racing your home race, it’s a great event to do.
Just please consider the difficulty in putting this race on and think about asking friends and family if they can help out in some way on the day
If you are free on Sunday 18th and somehow haven’t signed up to help out yet, do it now!
Rant over, its time to commit! (to volunteering)

Edward Steele
TW Half Marathon Volunteer Coordinator