Tunbridge Wells 10k


For those of you who have not done the race before it is a definite PB course with only a few major inclines to deal with.

After a techno infused warm up session we got on our way with a cheeky little hill to get the heart rate going. Tom Woolley led the field out at a blistering pace for the first few kilometres. He then remembered the unwritten rule that the first Harrier home has to write the race report and thought he had better back off and let me pass.

The first half of the race is basically flat with a long downhill from km 4. The second half is undulating with 2 big climbs at Hungershall Park and Castle Road.

The race was won by SIMON GOLDSWORTHY in 00:36:56 and first lady was HELEN CATTERALL in 00:44:53. I suspect that some of our usual local faster runners may have targeted the Hastings 10K today instead as somehow I managed to record my first ever top 10 position and 6th place. Hayley Larkin was first lady Harrier home and also an impressive 4th lady!

The race was very well organised, lots of marshals cheering us on and very welcome support from various Harriers around the course, definitely recommend to all.

Position Gun Chip Name Gender Cat
6 00:40:15 00:40:13 MIKE KING M SM
10 00:40:58 00:40:58 TOM WOOLLEY M SM
12 00:41:43 00:41:41 JAMES SARRE M SM
22 00:43:22 00:43:18 MICHAEL COSTAIN M SM
23 00:43:24 00:43:21 SAUL HARRIS M SM
25 00:43:31 00:43:28 CHRIS POTTER M SM
31 00:44:07 00:44:05 ROB BROPHY M SM
34 00:44:19 00:44:17 ROBERT WINTER M SM
44 00:46:42 00:46:29 ADAM STEGER M SM
56 00:47:50 00:47:32 HAYLEY LARKIN F SW
91 00:51:09 00:50:52 JONATHAN M SM
132 00:54:05 00:53:49 STELLA RICHARDSON F SW
141 00:54:39 00:54:30 JAMES HORNE M SM
174 00:56:25 00:55:51 DEBORAH STAMP F SW
189 00:57:18 00:56:46 ALISON MARSHALL F SW
190 00:57:18 00:57:12 RICHARD MARTIN M SM
227 00:59:26 00:58:49 LYNNE BRISTOW F SW
276 01:02:43 01:02:07 JOHN BRISTOW M SM