Tuesday Evening Training


Tuesday Training Group

I started coaching with Tunbridge Wells Runners in the late eighties and never thought that over thirty-five years later I would still be engaging with our
membership passing on the knowledge that I have gained over the years so that others might reach their potential. Some have followed plans blindly, some have consulted and amended plans: and many have seen the amount of work required to attain their goals and ignored any constructed schedule. There are
others for whom the training plans, for many reasons have just not worked. A running coach is not infallible.

The basic training trellis work for most events has not changed over the past sixty years, but with so many distractions in this modern era many try to manipulate the proven pathway to success. Most have been destined to fail. There are many “shortcuts to success” on the internet that many athletes have tried but come to realise that there is no substitute for hard work and determination to succeed.

Many of you who have known me a long time understand that I get frustrated when athletes only turn up for the sessions they enjoy and even more
frustrated when, because of today’s social climate, coaches are not permitted to use some methods to extract progress.
When I was working in tandem with Mike Jarvis we often spoke about the lack of application of some that came to our group sessions on a Tuesday evening,
while others always gave their best: it was not always a positive conversation. We both disliked seeing talent wasted because of a lack of
application. For some, the social side of a running Club is enough.

So, why am I writing all this? Well, I have not been able to race for quite a few years now and just “running around” a course is what I can still do, sometimes,
at Parkrun. That is not enough. I need to be able to have one decent final race so I have decided to stop taking Tuesday sessions or preparing individual
training plans for various events, so I may try to train properly for one last event – maybe. My final Tuesday session will be when it gets too dark to carry
on with this year’s Sports Ground sessions.
I have been privileged to work with many athletes at both ends of the athletic ability spectrum, at our Club and beyond, most of whom have worked their socks off to make all the marginal gains that help their progress to their personal goals.
I would like to thank everybody who has indulged my pleasure over the years in giving you all many evenings of pain. Please be assured that I shall be around
to offer advice, when sought, although maybe not from the touchline.

Bob Lawrence