Wednesday Run (plus a bit of history)



Warm up if necessary!
Out of the Club House
Cross Warwick Park
Take the footpath to Birling Rd. (HILL)
Turn left and go up to Forest road
Then turn right at Forest Road and continue to Frant Road
From Frant go to St Mark’ Road, then left into Broadwater Down
Cross the A26 Eridge Rd and take the footpath to HIGH ROCKS

At HIGH ROCKS, go along right High Rocks lane and then left up Tea Garden Lane (HILL)
Follow to the Front of the Beacon and turn right along the wooded trail as far as the church and then turn right and head towards the Langton Road
Cross the Langton Rd and cut through to Upper Street (nr.Harmony Street). (this bit is uncharted) you might have to go down and round the wooded areas.
Cross the Rustall Road and follow the footpath to Upper Street and then turn sharp left into Apsley St to follow (a useless loop) into Woodside Road which leads to the footpath into Hurst Wood
Then right into Bishops Down Park Rd, and Hurstwood Lane and continue to the common.
Follow round the north side of the cricket field keeping the Wellington Rocks on your left.
You should end up at the lower cricket ground having crossed Castle Road (Or Castle Hill as we call it)
At the traffic signals go down Church Road and cross Mt Pleasant into Crescent Rd then take the small road on the right, Mt Pleasant Avenue and run down to enter Calverley Park.

The short cut is to leave out Calverley Park etc. and return from the common directly up Warwick Pk.

Otherwise run round the park and exit to Mountfield Rd.
Cross Grove Hill Rd and go down Meadow Hill rd opposite
Cross the Grove Park and exit at the top of Mt Sion
Then it’s Mad Park (otherwise known as Madiera Park) and turn left into Lower Cumberland Walk and via the tennis club, cross the cricket outfield to the clubhouse.

The whole is a bit more than 7.



Interesting history bits on the High Rocks

High Rocks History (1)
High Rocks History (2)
High Rocks History (3) diagram