Wednesday Run


My turn with the bus tonight (seems I have avoided it for 6 years). Anyway to follow on from the theme from the last few weeks of the Royal and Firsts runs I thought we had better award some Crowns and Trophies. These are of course going to come in the shape of achievements over Strava segments, therefore it helps if you are on Strava.

I thought I would also do my bit to promote the TW Running Challenge by re-running one of the segments from last year. For those of you who are not aware of this, it is a monthly challenge in and around Tunbridge Wells of around 4km. In addition to the monthly challenge there is also a GC race over the year and a handicap challenge. I think all who took part last year really enjoyed the new variety of routes, new annual challenge starts in November, so join.

 Main route (6 miles):

  • Right Warwick park
  • Left Roedean
  • Right Frant Road
  • Right London Road
  • Right (straight on) Vale Road
  • Left Mt Pleasant (SEGMENT – Station to Traffic Lights)
  • Left Mt Ephrain Road, down Side of Costa – (SEGMENT Clockwork, to London road – Easy Crown)
  • Straight on (ish) and down Royal Chase (SEGMENT Down whole road)
  • Straight on Byng Road
  • Left Bishops Down Park
  • Left Molyneuax Park Road (SEGMENT Whole road)
  • Straight over and right down London road (footpath or road)
  • Follow round into Eridge road all the way to Broadwater Lane
  • SEGMENT – RW Running Challenge Segment (Pigs in blankets) starts under the bridge
  • Straight on up Sausage factory (SEGMENT Sausage Factory, yes segment in a segment)
  • Left Broadwater down
  • Left Broadwater rise
  • Left Broadmead
  • Right Showfields
  • Left Broadwater Lane (SEGMENT finishes under bridge)
  • Right Eridge Road
  • Right Linden Park
  • Left Pantiles (SEGMENT Reverse Pantiles Sprint (whole pantiles, best stick to lower path)
  • Right Frant Road
  • Left Warwick Park (SEGMENT to Neville gate)
  • Left Nevill Gate

Short (less than 6 miles)

  • After Sausage factory turn left along Broadwater down
  • Left Frant road
  • Right Roedean
  • Right Warwick Park
  • Left Nevill Gate

Optional to make up to 7 miles

  • SEGMENT – Warwick Park  (Nevill gate  to Forest Road – Up)
  • Turn around back down Warwick park to club
  • SEGMENT – Lap of the Nevill Ground (Lap of the cricket field), probably need a torch for that!

Beer for anyone who takes all 8 CROWNS on the main route
Ladies some of these are very achievable!
Gents you may need to have a few extra Shredded Wheat. 
I will bring copies of the instructions later.