Tonbridge Away Day


Hello Harriers,

Thanks to all those who were able to make it last night, I hope you enjoyed the best of what Tonbridge has to offer. Thanks also to Charley who, as duty manager counted all 52 of us out and counted us all back before we headed over to the pub.

Judging by the positive comments I have received and the posts on Strava etc, it seems to of been a hit. The evening sunshine made for perfect running conditions, and hopefully you remembered to stop and look back at the sunset over the river which was stunning. I know there were some members that were unfortunately not able to make it and so we may run it again next year but perhaps in reverse so that we capture the sunset heading West along the river on the way back.

For those that can’t wait that long, the Strava routes are below, and I have attached an updated consolidated route map that contains the short (5.3m) and slightly adjusted long route (7.7m) together with additional way point information to help navigate.

Many of you took pictures along the route etc and I am sure Ed would like me to encourage you to upload them here:

It’s back to hills next week with the 2nd Club Handicap….

All the best