The 2023 RUN OUT LUNCH (ROL) Sun 3 Dec

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Hello Fine Harriers
For no particular reason I’d like to share a recent search for ‘TWH’ which led to some interesting connections.
Tschechoslowakischer WolfHund is not a difficult dog, but it is often stubborn, which is also due to its high level of intelligence . The robust and winter-proof TWH therefore needs experienced, consistent and loving training, without coercion or even violence. 
The Tennessee Walking Horse is a breed of gaited horse known for its unique four-beat running-walk and flashy movement.

Terawatt hours (TWh)

The terawatt-hour (TWh) is equal to 1 trillion watt-hours and is the amount of power generated by a one terawatt generator running for one hour.
There, that’s what happens when it’s raining all day and you’ve no particular place to go!
     Back to our TWH and the forthcoming ROL – attached for your interest is the event history of the last 30years. For those new to the club or the uninitiated the format is simple – you are invited to enjoy a leisurely, largely off-road run to a secret location for lunch. Each year we search for a different hostelry capable of hosting up to 50 diners preceded by a 10-12mile route with a shorter option.
     In order to preserve the mystery element of the day, the start locations are only revealed a few days before. For those unable to take part in the run but who wish to attend the lunch, a TOP SECRET venue envelope is issued on pain of death if revealed.
     The detailed Ordnance Survey 25,000 scale route maps* are only released on the day to maintain the suspense, with GPS devices highly discouraged, in order to promote the art of reading and interpreting the way ahead. Some folk even bring a compass!
     Places at the lunch table are limited to the first 45-50.  Please see email for contact details.  Don’t dilly dally. You don’t want to be the disappointed face at the window on Sunday 3rd December!
     *These maps are unique to TWH having been cunningly disguised apart from the essential details needed to reach the venue. All good fun and designed to bond the various groups together.