TCS London Marathon Marshalling 2023


Hi all.

On Sunday 23rd April, we will send a group of marshals to the London Marathon.
We look after the section of course, starting from the Blue start, next to Blackheath, up to and just past the ‘Sun in the Sands’ roundabout.
It’s an early start, travelling up by coach, where we then setup (Not much to do).
We then marshal the course while the runners pass by. You will see many Harriers at this point.
Once all the runners have come through, we clear up & get back on the coach.
It is debatable at the moment whether we then go by coach into London, or back to TW.

If you would like to join the team, either send me an email (off group), or send me a message (with your name & email address). I will then log you on the system.

[Please see email from George for email address/phone number]

We are limited on numbers (approx 45), so let me know as soon as you can.

Many thanks,

George Harris
LM team leader