Race Report – Sydney Half


I decided that I would give myself something to aim for since arriving down under, as I hadn’t run a half marathon for a while. Sydney half sounded like a good idea, as it’s a weekend away in a spectacular city.
Due to the warmer climate in Oz, races tend to start earlier and my “start” took off at 7 am. I was really thankful for this when I finished before 9 am, as it was 24 degrees and quite humid which is typical for Sydney.
The route showcases all the sights of the harbour and has many twists and turns, sharp climbs and descents. It was great for the tourist runner (me) and for spectators as it cross crossed the city in a very well planned route.
I was on target for a 1.35 by half way, but the heat, the undulating route and lack of any hill training for 4 months (Melbourne is flat) caused me to lose a bit towards the end. I finished in 1.35:38 which was 9th in my age group.
The winning time was Liam Adam 1.04:49
And Calli Thackeray 1:13:39
There were just under 7000 runners.
I’d highly recommend this run as a tourist option …if you are in this neck of the woods, mainly due to the scenery. The crowd support is not a patch on London or even the mighty Tunbridge Wells half but the post race celebratory “mimosas” (Prosecco and orange juice) more than compensated!
My deckchair did attract the attention of an ex Beckenham runner who chased me down to say hello. Don’t you love a friendly runner?
Wishing you all the best for the relays this week.

Best wishes

(TWH – Aussie branch)