Sussex CTS Marathon


On Saturday Mel, Cassie (our Irish Terrier) and I went down to Birling Gap to run the Sussex Endurance life Coastal Trail Series half marathon and marathon respectively.

The marathon starts off by running west over the Seven Sisters towards the country park before heading inland to loop back to Birling Gap. From there the marathon route joins the half to run up to Beachy Head and Eastbourne and then inland back to the start/finish.

The wind was fierce – great when it was behind you! Running up those hills to Beachy Head has never felt so good, but merciless running into it.

Much to Cassie’s frustration Mel followed the rules relating to dogs, and started at the back. Cassie determinedly overtook 200+ people to finish mid way down the field in 2:18:44. Meanwhile I finished the marathon in 4:44:43 (40th overall and first in my age group).

As with all Endurancelife events, it was well organised, impeccably signed and a great day out (despite the wind!)

Tara Taylor