Support. Inspire. Develop – Could you be TWH’s next coach?

Dear all,
Ever wondered what a running coach does? Are you passionate about running and want to help support, motivate and encourage your fellow runners to achieve their goals?  We are looking for more new coaches to join our coaching team. If you think this might be you then please read on.
Do I need to be qualified?
To take a group you need to have completed a Leader in Running Fitness (LiRF) course provided by England Athletics and successfully pass a DBS check. The LiRF is now delivered online and includes various self-guided modules including Safeguarding and basic First Aid and a virtual classroom session.  The club will pay for the course and there is no charge for the DBS check. As the course is primarily self guided it should be possible to fit it in around other commitments. More information can be found here: Leadership in Running Fitness – England Athletics  
Do I have to be really fit or a really fast runner to be a coach?
No, you don’t have to be a fast runner, personal trainer or physio to be a coach. Enthusiasm and motivation to support, inspire and develop your fellow runners are the most important aspects.
Do I have to have been a member of the club for a certain amount of time?
No, you don’t have to be a longstanding member of the club to become a coach.  We are more than happy for newer members who are passionate about promoting running and supporting their fellow runners to join the coaching team. All we ask is that you are committed to remaining at the club in the medium term, as the club will be investing in your development. 
Will I have to do it every week?
No, we operate a rota system so that the weeks are shared out equally. It depends on how many coaches we have but expect to do between 1-2 sessions a month.  We all have work, family or other commitments from time to time so we build that into the rota. The more coaches we have available the less regularly you’ll have to coach.
Can I participate in a session and coach at the same time?
We prefer that if you are rota’d to coach that you don’t also participate in the session as well. This is from both a health and safety perspective (in case you are needed if there is an incident) and to be there to support and ‘coach’ your fellow runners. It may be possible, depending on group size, location, the session itself and other factors to partake in some of the session or run alongside your fellow runners but your primary focus should be on the group rather than your own running. Obviously if you are not rota’d to coach you are more than welcome to join the session.
Will I get paid?
Unfortunately, not. This is a voluntary position. Any fees paid by members for coached sessions just cover hire costs of facilities.
What will I get out of it?
You get to give something back to the club.
Help motivate and inspire your fellow runners.
An England Athletics qualification.
For me, it has improved my understanding about running form and body dynamics which has also helped my own running.
It has also helped my own confidence and assertiveness.
I can’t do Mondays, can I still become a coach?
Currently our primary coached session is on Monday night at Tonbridge Track, however if you are interested in becoming a coach we strongly encourage you to get in touch. There may be opportunities in the future to provide regular or ad-hoc coached sessions (such as at the memorial relays event) at other times.
I’m sort of interested but not sure, who should I speak to if I want to know more?
Please feel free to approach any of the coaches for an informal chat (no obligation), via email or in person. You can also read more on the England Athletics website. Coaches and Officials – England Athletics
And finally if you have never been to a coached session then please do feel free to come along and give it a try. You don’t have to be fast or have run 100s of races. We welcome runners of all abilities and it doesn’t just help improve your speed but helps build overall endurance too.
If you have any questions about coaching or the Monday night sessions more generally please do get in touch with me or one of the other coaches,
With very best wishes