SuperHalfs – next race!


Hi All

Entries for the next round of SuperHalfs are now open!
I have just entered Lisbon Half – well I think I have (!!) which is on 9 March 2025.   
You can sign up for the SuperHalf passport here:-  Home (  and there are links to the race entry pages from that site.
Let me know when/if you sign up so I can add you to the group – and we can try to co-ordinate travel  and hotels.
I’m also thinking of entering either Prague or Berlin which are both on the same weekend 5/6 April 2025  – so if you fancy either of them let me know and we’ll pick the favourite.  Berlin is already open for entries and selling fast so the word on the street is that it may be best to enter that one through Sports Tours International or similar who arrange the whole trip.
It seems early to enter but I know a few of you missed out on Valencia so its time to commit!!