Summer Relay RESULTS

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Afternoon Harriers
Well done to everyone who ran in last week’s Summer Memorial Relays at the Nevill. 
It was a very enjoyable evening with a great turnout. 75 people ran in 25 teams of 3 and it was fantastic to see many of our newer and younger members enthusiastically taking part. It was also great to welcome Mike Jarvis’ family and to hear the lovely words Mike’s wife read upon receiving his Cornell Medal afterwards.
As always, events like this wouldn’t be possible without the help from volunteers so a big thank you to all of you who helped out on the night. A special mention should go to Andrew and Margaret Deighton who did a super job setting out the course beforehand.
Team and Individual results are attached for your perusal. Some highlights include:
== Winning Team ==
Team 3 (Patrick Bareham, Kimberley Wynter, Tobyn Young) in a combined time of 27:11
== Individual Performances ==
Top three men, women and SuperVets (W65+/M70+):
Men: Alex Jeffreys = David Weston (07:38), Chris Stringer (07:46)
Women: Laura Whitehead (08:31), Hannah Roberts (09:24), Sharon Evans (09:38)
SuperVets: Lucille Joannes (12:15), Stella Richardson (12:33), Peter Richardson (13:13)
Kind regards